In this Best UFO video compilation, we present a collection of original UFO videos that were featured for the very first time on, youtube/LookNowTV, in Janua…
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Великие Тайны 30.01.2014. Великие тайны космоса. (ч.1) НЛО и супертехнологии НОВЫЙ СЕЗОН 2014 Великие Тайны Все Сезоны Все Выпуски Документальный цикл Велики…
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BEST UFO SIGHTINGS JANUARY 2014: 28 комментариев

  1. Hey +Spaceships — what’s up? How incredible, and astonishing it is to
    discover what is commonly known to our rulers monarchs, Heads of state, and
    Aristocracy but not to the common public. The Earth is hollow, with more
    than one civilization. Ancient, long lived, relatives living on into
    advanced years and cultures populate inner Earth. There is also a vast
    galactic league of good guys that work in different dimensions for what we
    would call Heaven,. lol its all everyday knowledge to those in the know but
    try and share this stuff and boy the laughter gets thick go figure, truth
    or lie most earthers prefer a diet of ignorance and Hollywood dramatics.
    Video is to prove the whole point lol.

  2. Pure bullshit. It’s sad that these are the videos that get views and the
    real legit case which is the Billy Meier case continues to be ignored.
    Please stop this disinformation «Lights in the sky» campaign.

  3. I will never …EVER… eat a plate full of hot enchiladas while watchin
    videos of flyin saucers on Youtube and then hop into bed 5 minutes later. I
    dreamed I was bein chased by a UFO full of mexicans.

  4. Most of these are obvious fakes and btw looknowtv you can’t copyright
    material you don’t own. I have a good mind to copy this video just because
    you have the arrogance to put (c) on it.

  5. the 1 at 6 min was fake the camera guy wasnt following the ufo like he
    could actually see it when he turned left and it was in sight he kept
    looking left like he didnt see it yet….just looks like it was put in


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    Alien/Zombie invasion that could strike anyday now! In this video we have
    Alien Contactee Linol Anderson and Sgt. Johnson, former general of the
    Untied States of America! In this video they enlighten you to what is about
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  7. I know this is off topic, but aliens DO exist. People say they don’t but if
    the Earth, out of every thing in the entire Universe, has life on it,
    there is a guruentee that there is more life, like us, out there.

  8. i had a weird dream i was abducted by aliens and every since then i’ve felt
    kinda weird so I’m hoping it didn’t actually happen x’D lmao

  9. Aliens are demonic entities, this is all apart of a bigger plan to deceive
    the masses from the truth but the most terrifying thing in the world is
    that… God is good, you may think to yourself that is not terrifying at
    all, well the thing is we are not good, we are evil sinners,our hearts are
    filled with darkness, we have broken the 10 commandments which is God’s law
    by lying,stealing what does a good, Holy and Just God do with evil
    sinners like us? well He must punish us, just as a judge must punish a
    criminal, the judge must give him justice, so the just punishment is death
    then hell, but 2,000 years ago God the Son came to earth as a man in Jesus
    Christ to die on the cross in our place and on the third day He rose from
    the dead, it is like this we broke God’s law Jesus paid our fine,so repent
    of your sin and believe in Jesus today for your eternal salvation.

  10. они смотрят и учатся оттачивают свои технологии с каждым годом появляются
    новые типы НЛО превосходящие по технологическим данным всю нашу земную
    технику , думаю гонку вооружений нам не выиграть )))

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