In this UFO video compilation, we present a collection of original UFO videos that were featured for the very first time on, youtube/LookNowTV in the recent …

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  1. lol.. Apart from the obvious super imposed images and planes with their
    lights on, behind the clouds.. they are quadcopters and RC balloons.. get a
    clue people, you can buy them at your local hobby shop!

  2. It’s a shame there are so many assholes out there! I thank you for
    collecting and posting these. Many of these aer the most encredable I’ve
    ever seen. I’ve had three sightings so far in my life and there is
    something going on. Either man has much more capabilities than he is
    willing to devulge or we are being visited by E.Ts!

  3. Stop lying to your self, UFO’s have noting to do with extraterrestrials,
    and most of these are fake, so stop making up stories and lying to your
    selves and help the people from you planet, if you think this is real then
    I just hope you come to see reality as it is ok, just come back from such
    foolish acts, you waste so much time chasing something that’s not even
    there while so much needs to be done and you proven your selves to be so
    gullible, it would help us all if you would stop with this childish acts,
    its a shame there are so many of those who wish to believe in a made up lie
    then to face the world as it is and try to make it a little bit more
    better, it’s all an act to run away from what’s really there so just look
    towards reality and accept the world as it is, you would do us all a favor
    by doing what’s important than giving people a lie in which shows them how
    far gone to hide what’s you must face ok, just give it one more good look
    at least. 

  4. Nahhhhhhhhhh cant seem to find any of these convincing…all seem to me to
    be visually enhanced nits of foolery. …. some quirky music too and one
    more thing as I’m here…do we have to view the same shot over and over
    again in various »filters» ?..does this prove its original ?…lol no
    it’s just another way to fill up 30 mins of fake footage…

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