In this Best UFO video compilation, we present a collection of original UFO videos that were featured on, youtube/LookNowTV, in March, 2014. In addition, we …
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BEST UFO SIGHTINGS MARCH 2014: 25 комментариев

  1. I think I have seen a UFO before. One day (when I was six, I’m still
    little) I was playing tag or hide and seek with my cousins, it was a clear
    night. They went to go hide somewhere outside so I sat on the porch, eyes
    wide open, counting in my head. I was staring up in the sky and I saw a
    strange object fly in the sky, it appeared to be flying out of an orange
    trees from my back yard, but it was way too far. I stared at it and freaked
    out, then it disappeared behind the other tree, it was to far to see now. I
    called my cousins and described it to them. It was too fast to be a plane,
    and it looked nothing like one either. Also a month or a few weeks ago I
    woke up at 1:00 at night, I stayed up for while. Though the window I swore
    I saw something just the same as when I was six. I freaked out and a few
    seconds later I just ignored it and still stayed up, being aware of things.
    Finally at 3 or 4 in the morning I fell back asleep. Shiz happens.

  2. It won’t be long before you can’t distinguish ours from theirs. You
    probably won’t see ours in mass until there is a war. Of course the
    Chinese and the Russians have their own reverse technology and assistance
    from like alien sources. I guess the level of technology will be the
    deciding factor in a combat environment. OR Like President Reagan said in
    one of his great speeches, there is nothing that will bring the human race
    together faster than an outside threat.

  3. god is a ufo, please if they where out to hurt us they surely would have
    done it by now. There is propably an order in universe we stupid
    humans doesnt understand and they propably dont want us humans to figth
    eachother in space with nuclearbombs etc. Yest watch today how much we
    humans figth with eachother, imagine one bomb missing the target and
    hitting a moon or planet so it explodes, that will change the orbital drive
    of all planets. The closest ones will change path very much and planets far
    away maybe not so much, imagine our moon explodes that will make earth
    change path and maybe earth then collidies with another planet and so on.
    These chain-effects can be very serious to other creatures in space so they
    propably yest want to help us develop a little bit, maybe make clear to us
    that our fighting among eachothers can have consecvens to others. Dont be
    afraid of aliens if they wanted to destroy us they would have done it long
    time ago with their superior technology. 

  4. Many UfO’s are likely advanced drone technology. Those jet and propeller
    driven drones you see being used by the military is technology that’s at
    least 60 years old. 

  5. If these aliens are real are reading this: Cut the crap and make yourself
    known already. This money system we have is exhausting and I am not
    enjoying life. Show us a better way. This is is getting old. No one even
    talks to each other anymore.

  6. you don’t need to add the shitty music and the color shifting — that’s
    cheezy — the circling is enough. Please, get some taste and judgment.

  7. Think if «aliens» were actually just humans possibly from another planet if
    not ours and they were flying spacecrafts made by our government. Lol
    trippy mayne

  8. Sorry but with the technology we now possess I’m doubtful of a lot of this!
    When I did security I had seen 2 red lights and when I went to use my new
    cell phone it malfunctioned and since that incident it has worked
    flawlessly. I’ve seen other unexplained objects but that’s for another

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