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  1. Here’s my theory: Are aliens real? Yes. Did they create us? Yes.
    They’re only here to monitor our activity, The Black Knight may also be
    involved. They are not here to destroy us, and if they are, it’s only to
    defend themselves, because we’re becoming too much of a threat. But as you
    may know, we’re no threat to them, not yet.

  2. Half the stuff in this video was already proven to not be ufos. The deer,
    the tether incident as an optical illusion and the astronaut in space
    seeing the triangle light formation which turned out to be himself looking
    down to the earth and the lights being some kind of jelly fish formation.

  3. about Mars. it is interference. Curiosity have stereoscopic cameras (there
    are two taking the same picture at the same moment) mostly for situations
    like this.. on the second camera picture.. there is nothing.

    devil. They happen frequently on the surface of Mars. Do a google search

    programme. It was trawler boats in the Philippines, that shine massive
    bright lights to attract their catch to the boat. Even Astronauts can get
    it wrong. #CASECLOSED #NOTAUFO

  6. The Tether NASA video from long ago was only an optical illusion due to the
    multi paned glass in the spacecraft. It was replicated on a UFO show
    where they try first to find rational explanations. 

  7. Disclosure is near and so is the end of christianity… I will not live the
    way of the anti-christ nor die to them. I’m an independant christian that
    will fight for my life while surving God till my very last breathe. May God
    be with you all.

  8. I have witnessed multiple UFO’s, and had multiple other encounters and
    experiences. I am a highly scientific and logical person, but there is no
    logic in denying the existence of extra terrestrial lifeforms, nor in the
    denial of the reality of UFO’s. They ARE real, and they ARE here. we are
    cut of the same cloth, all born of stardust and starlight, and to think of
    any of that as ‘demonic’ or biblical is to take it as a part of a
    ficticious depiction of half truths translated from ancient advanced
    civilisations on earth who were the first civilisations to be taught by our
    teachers from the heavens, or the aliens who came here whether it be by
    accident or on purpose…

    Tonight was just another night at first, clear sky, beautiful view of the
    stars and the moon, the first strange thing I saw was what I first thought
    was a star before I realised after watching it closely that it was moving
    in a zigzag and was a pulsating red orb… the planes were passing overhead
    with their flashing lights and bright stationary lights to warn other craft
    they are there, and this was nothing like those… and then, suddenly
    another craft nothing like a plane or helicopter, shot past silently at a
    far greater velocity than any of the other craft.
    At first I thought maybe it was a darpa tech hypersonic jet or bomber, but
    this plane was literally completely silent and was merely a triangular
    grouping of bright yellowy orange lights that were a constant bright shine
    in the approximately 3 seconds that it took to travel from one side of the
    sky to the other. it didn’t blur like something should when travelling at
    such speed, it just moved, silently, gracefully, beautifully, like nothing
    we are known to have created.
    (I know very well about the level of technology that is kept secret for
    many decades before military declassification, advanced scalar and
    anti-gravity/gravity well tech… energy technology that is so advanced it
    is capable of seemingly unthinkable feats, however, physics is physics, and
    as such it dictates that all things must obey its laws… we may be able to
    bend waves or energy, to manipulate the frequencies that we are receiving
    so as to ‘alter’ reality through our perceptions, but there is no way that
    physics can cease to be, the universe would no longer be what it is, and we
    would not be able to exist…surely, seeing as our physical bodies are also
    governed by physics)

    I have been abducted, I have worked with an extra dimensional energy, and I
    have felt and witnessed with my own senses the pure and beautiful energy
    that these entities are capable of harnessing, even in themselves, not just
    in the technology they have. They can travel between realms, dimensions,
    they can leave the physical spacetime and instantly move to other places by
    using the metaphysical dimensions of the universe…
    They can teach us to harness our energies and to send those energies out ,
    to transmit them instead of only receiving them from around us… this is
    something which I have done myself, and have seen the evidence when
    photographs of me were taken which showed the rainbow of light emitting
    from my hands when I focussed on the intent of doing so…

    Reality is the energy you receive and translate into the raw data that it
    carries. if they are here then believe me when I say, they are also
    teaching us to awaken and be aware, to realise that we are far more than
    the bodies we inhabit, we are a pure energy that is capable of the divine
    creation that created us.
    ‘God’s Image…’ is not a literal biblical meaning, it is not that a lonely
    being created us to LOOK like HIM, after all the divine element of creation
    is passed through the female ‘genetics’ or the coding or energy that holds
    the information for our being…
    therefore divinity would be the energy that is our ‘dna’, it is the
    frequency we reside within in the spectrum of life, and these beings are
    far beyond our evolution or our existence, they know more than we even hope
    to at current, and every dream we have is granted to us by them.

    denial does not stop the truth from being true, it only stops us from
    learning and accepting something which we inevitably will have to learn and
    accept in the end.

    Namaste all; do not fear, only believe and love that we are in this age of
    awareness and awakening!

  9. Looks about the right shape to be the new stealth bomber … Just saying
    not disagreeing before people get all butt hurt… But lets face it we know
    maybe a 1/8 of what the government does on a day to day bases it very well
    may be a ufo if so fantastic but also you forget how evil the world’s
    governing body’s are and if Their were secret tests going on then we would
    also never know 

  10. This TR-3B is OLD news already.

    This is obviously some advanced man-made technology and thank GOD we have
    it…and it probably the result of alien intelligence info transfer because
    we never would have come up with this type of machine yet because it’s
    performance capabilities break the laws of physics as currently accepted by
    the scientific community.

    It’s also obvious the government has allowed this to be seen a bit at a
    time in many parts of the world to introduce the idea of it slowly to the
    general public.

    However, this does NOT discredit or diminish the importance and truth of
    the thousands of other UFO sightings which are of obvious alien origin
    because they occurred years before we had CGI or anything else even close
    to this science and because many are accompanied by contact with alien

    This channel started off being exciting, and I still applaud their efforts,
    but they are compromising their credibility and diminishing their relevance
    by uploading every piece of unconvincing crap anyone sends them.

    They should only disseminate the most dramatic and convincing of photos and
    videos…like the show HANGAR 1 on the HISTORY channel 

  11. Military test flight and nothing else. It’s probably Lockheed Skunkworks
    Aurora project or BAE Systems Taranis. Either way, it’s not little green

    Or this video is made up by some masturbating lunatic who lives with his
    Mum in Hicks Town USA.

  12. I have seen this in the past daughter and I booth.looked exactly
    like the shot at 1:59. It was about that high off ground cruzing about 15
    mph maybe a little slower. So close I seen inside the golden lit cab.

  13. I have seen this in the past daughter and I booth.looked exactly
    like the shot at 1:59. It was about that high off ground cruzing about 15
    mph maybe a little slower. So close I seen inside the golden lit cab.

  14. stop calling tr3b ufos they are all us military not aliens. they built the
    b2 in the 80s and released it in 1988 just think of what they have been
    working on since. wake up people

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