Best UFO Sightings Of April 2014 Full Length Documentary Watch For Free!

Top UFO Sightings Of April 2014 Full Length Documentary Watch For Free! UFO Sightings D.A.R.P.A Military Reversed Engineered Alien Technology Exposed? Incred…

«Mind Blowing UFOs» Over 50+ Amazing UFO Sightings Free Full Length Documentary Watch Now! Incredible Archive Of UFO Videos Submitted To Thirdphaseofmoon! We…
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Best UFO Sightings Of April 2014 Full Length Documentary Watch For Free!: 50 комментариев

  1. The ufo around 35:33 or so I had fly directly over my head 12 years ago in
    Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It flew so slowly, right over the harbor
    towards me and then right over my head. I could have hit it with a rock if
    I had one. omg wow!

  2. If I heard correctly, this guy says he has had over 60 different
    experiences with these advanced alien beings. I’ve heard this guy talking
    about this on a number of these videos and HE NEVER GIVES ANY WORTHWHILE
    INFORMATION about why these being are here or ANY INFORMATION that could
    help humanity correct its insanity or keep from destroying itself.

    UFO footage is all very fine, but humanity DESPERATELY needs to know
    (((ANYTHING))) that can help the human race from completely destroying
    itself and this planet.

    ALSO, I don’t remember him even being asked what these beings look like or
    where they come from, using our perspective of the stars as reference

    I don’t understand why it takes me to point out the obvious. I look at the
    general comments and NO ONE ELSE is curious about the matters I brought up.
    I feel these matters are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!! I don’t know, maybe
    humanity, as a whole, is just hopelessly lost and these aliens want the
    human race to destroy itself.

    I know this much from empirical experience: I feel most of humanity is more
    trouble than they are worth and are not fit to live. If I feel this way it
    doesn’t take much to imagine how beings at least 400 years more advanced
    than humans would feel about humanity.

    I mean, look at most of the comments here. Most of these people are moronic
    idiots!! They are dumbass jerks who seem only worthwhile to advanced alien
    being who find humans very tasty. Bunch of dumb human sheep, monkey-brained
    idiots who OBVIOUSLY do not deserve this beautiful planet!

    Many come here just to say it’s all fake. THEY DON’T KNOW THAT and yet act
    as though they are master experts in such matters. Idiot jerks is what they
    are! If there are indeed advanced alien beings visiting this planet do you
    idiots here always saying «fake» really deserve any special gifts from

  3. I wish I could stop ALL thirdphaseofmoon’s videos cropping up in all my
    searches or appearing in my recommended section on my interest with UFO’s.

  4. it’s all fake on this site nothing is real. this is all a con job. if you
    want real UFO sightings, this is not the place to find it. this is the
    worst site on the internet for UFO content. watch it with out the volume.
    they play the same fake shit over and over again.

  5. His fake wooden acting voice fools no one….and these stupid fillers when
    they got no videos to show are a sham…we don’t wanna see you driving up
    some stupid road…and then to put cartoons of Ufos on…fake Blake ..turd
    baked on the moon 

  6. that very first video was easy to figure out. its simply an artifact from
    the reflection of the space station. you can see just to the left and a
    little up from the «ufo» a part of the iss that is the identical thing.
    look at it again.its kinda like a reflection flare. but mostly just a
    reflection. period.

  7. Why do people assume that aliens are here to make sure we’re not going to
    kill ourselves or damage the planet? What if they are influencing our bad
    behavior? moon / volcano / under ground / under water bases, abductions,
    human and animal mutilations, all kinds of weird things are reported. I
    personally don’t know how we can assume anything to their agenda.

  8. the alleged ufo at 1:35 with Dante Delasario talking is not taken from the
    industrial district in Hilo,That is The K,T.A. on the corner of Keawe and
    Ponahawai streets.Also there are Observatorys where the (ufo) is in the
    video atop Mauna Kea,And I have lived here all my life and this would hav
    been seen by hundreds if not thousands..

  9. I know this might sound stupid ….but If these ufo’s are obviously more
    advanced than we are, then why would they not cloak their lights ? I think
    they want us too see them,when we do…..BUT WHY ??? if they aren’t ready
    to make open contact. what could they possibly fear ?
    Im really looking for a good answer to this . I believe they are there!
    ! …But I think they are….

  10. The object that appears to be «tracking» the International Space Station
    has to be a reflection; my guess is the camera is more than likely behind a
    window or behind a protective box with a sheet of glass or plastic in front
    of it. The object is, in my opinion, a reflection of an object coming from
    behind the camera and reflecting on the glass/plastic screen in front of
    the lens. It is clear to see that the object at first looks like it is deep
    in dark space, but the upon revealing the blackness becomes the surface of
    the earth with clouds discount this object from being a distant object. The
    distance is an illusion, the object only disappears seemingly behind the
    earth’s clouds once the clouds appear, the object then appears to be
    somewhere near the surface of the ocean. So this tells me the object is
    much to large to be a UFO at this distance from the ISS.

  11. Hi guys my question to all the hunters out there — every image or video is
    super blurry or out if focus the reason thats given is that the UFO
    technology is causing this fair enough — but has there been any attempt at
    all to tweek or fine tune any recording devices thru filters or the super
    slow mo recorders thats out there or different light refracting techs thats
    around please show some vids with ppl at-least attempting to use diffrent
    types of recording devices ??!!

  12. Incredible, incredible, incredible. Blake learned a new word and boy did he
    wear it out fast. I used to ignore his nerdy wannabe Hollywood type acting
    because he had very good intentions and a lot of good amateur video. WTF
    happend? Now you waste your time with all the bad callers and fake high
    dollar video like this Ed character. By no means am I a troll or a hater.
    I’m just a disappointed fan of the show. UNSCRIBED! !( PS. You INCREDIBLE

  13. That Blake Cousins is hillarious, as one of the first thing he asks the man
    who produces the wavegliders, if they get stolen often, as these things are
    so expensive!! OMG…so funny and entertaining!! Blake rules man!!

  14. Blake Cousins is a Troll…. This video shows him swimming with his pants
    and shirt on ??? C’mon, he knew that he would be going into the water for
    that scene and he didn’t even bother to bring shorts and a t-shirt ??? I
    think that Blake did not want to show the world his little white girly legs
    and lack of chest hair… LMAO Some good videos though…

  15. really cool haha i wish to investigate along paranormal and ufo stuff too!
    motivated me to find out a scary rumor witch i am investigating in my own
    home town my tech is lame but i hope to get better equipment and getting
    awesome credible evidence which i will post on mine and share with yours!
    wish me luck and keep your videos coming!

  16. I am sorry guys 8 adds in in a 60 minutes show about something we cannot do
    any thing about is too much for me . I am going to cancel the subscription
    just because of that.

  17. All right, it seems that a subwoofer like the one I had in my car was
    flying over the roof of the house! Shape is the same of cars back speakers!

  18. «wekkum back» to you too blake — good stuff with the wave-glider segment
    — a few years ago i saw the same concept as a proposal for clean free
    energy they looked the same as wave gliders except way bigger and
    stationary just off-shore to power entire towns — maintenance-free
    perpetual motion energy generators — way cool — never heard more
    probably quashed by big oil — anyways thumbs up and thanks blake 

  19. At 32:00, that is a form of geoengineering/weather modification. These are
    often seen before «natural» disasters. Don’t believe me that our govt.
    modify the weather, it’s an unclassified FACT, for example, that through
    Project Popeye, our government modified the weather over Vietnam causing it
    to rain and flood N. Vietnam making it almost impossible to defend

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