Best UFO Sightings Of April-May 2014 HUGE UFO Archive Captured On Video!

UFO Discloser Is Know Pass It ON! Best UFO Evidence Of April-May 2014 Free Documentary! Share THIS! Toby Lundh Shares Incredible Live Feed Footage Of a Large…
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Best UFO Sightings Of April-May 2014 HUGE UFO Archive Captured On Video!: 25 комментариев

  1. Is it just me or between the many MANY times he says «thirdphaseofthemoon»
    and the annoying song in the background saying it as well over and over
    that even if they showed aliens saying «hey we’re here and we want to chat
    with you», anyone would care over all that rambling and advertising… you
    don’t need to say your channel 50 million times, we got it… moving on. 

  2. Your description *UFO Discloser Is Know Pass It ON!* Your English is bad.
    Your channel is terrible. Your rush to upload everything and anything you
    get sent is a dead giveaway. It’s clear that you are only after popularity
    and page hits. You’re a disgrace to the UFO community. UFO’s probably do
    buzz planet earth now and then but given the amount of rubbish you put out
    there, it would seem the sightings are every hour of the day. It’s easy to
    create a channel and ask for videos, anyone can do that. Maybe go and look
    for them yourselves? Or would that not generate enough popularity/interest
    for you given the reality of how sparse they really are? In fact, I don’t
    even know why I am bothering to comment, you are only interested in
    comments that give you credit or the comments wanting to know more about
    where you’ve been seen or recognised. It’s ALLLLL about the recognition
    lads isn’t it?!

    I can only come to 2 conclusions …
    (1) If he’s telling the truth — it means that these aliens are too damn
    secretive — and I don’t trust them.
    (2) If he’s lying — then he should be ashamed of him self for being a
    *So I’ll let you people decide … 1 or 2 ?*

  4. …this is about cloning…the government is light years ahead of what they
    show the public..they create most of those Greys in secret labs..they can
    put a human’s torso on a horse’s body or whatever they want..a clone army
    is most likely coming in the near future…the agencies are pushing (SAI)
    or a Staged Alien Invasion via Project Blue Beam..we must be informed and
    prepared to survive what’s coming…knowledge and perseverance are key..

  5. Caucasians always yell CGI about everythingl It’s not the only video
    software out there. This is how you know people are truly ignorant and
    intend to remain so. Another fact is that the spell of «Humans are alone in
    the Universe» lie has such a grip on people, that even the most obvious
    video proof is doubted by people still under this spell. 

  6. re: 41:00 «When Jmmanuel had been baptized, he soon came out of the water
    of the Jordan, and behold, a metallic light fell from the sky and rushed
    over the Jordan. Consequently they all fell on their faces and pressed
    them into the sand while a voice from the metallic light spoke: «This is my
    beloved son with whom I am well pleased. He will be the king of truth,
    through which terrestrial humans shall rise as wise ones.» Behold, after
    these words Jmmanuel entered into the metallic light, which climbed into
    the sky, surrounded by fire and smoke, and passed over the lifeless sea, as
    the singing of the metallic light soon faded away. After that, Jmmanuel
    was no longer seen for forty days and nights.
    Chapter 3, Talmud of Jmmanuel

  7. The book of Enoch was taken away from the writings of the middle eastern
    papyrus writings. better known as scrolls. After thousands of years later
    the Roman Catholic Church witch was and may still be the main religion in
    the entire world. took a away the those scriptures therefore leaving
    humanity without knowledge of the fallen angels known as the nepheline the
    majority of religion does not believe in life outside of this planet .they
    forget that God is not of this earth. They love the fary tale side of
    ordinary life. They believe in stars on Xmas trees blinding them selves of
    what the star represents. It has been written that in the last days many
    people will die of fear seeing the horror that will come upon this earth.
    God came down to earth in a spaceship not flying like your Superman.

  8. I have logical reasons on why aliens are friendly, of course you can have
    mean ones but the majority is nice here is my thinking. Aliens are so
    advanced that they can make it here, let alone we mainly only go to the
    moon. Think on how advanced their «technology» is. If they have to power to
    get here and go back and fly at speeds of light, you have to assume that
    their weapons are VERY advanced, so my way of thinking is if aliens wanted
    to kill us all, they would of done so a LONG time ago. Also don’t waste
    your time replying and talking crap about this comment, this is just how I
    see it. Oh also, keep up the great work third phase of moon!

  9. * U.S.: «We can’t tell if they exist or not, we don’t have any UFO
    evidence». (Obama’s voice)

    * Skepticals: «Theres no proof, where are they?, The universe is so big,
    they doesn’t even know where we are, so theres no evidence».

    And the funniest one: «If the U.S. as all the governments, the NASA and the
    scientists knew, they would let us know, but they know as much as we do».

    Lmao! It doesn’t matter how much we develop technologically, when we
    still think like a caveman.

  10. This got me up i was just playing on my ps3 then the corner of my eye i see
    a short blink of light through the sky dose any one know what that is!?!?!

  11. Believe nothing that you hear (especially from the boob tube) and only half
    of what you see. In fact, turn that damn thing off and keep it off!
    Unless I have a «close encounter» or a close relative of mine tells me
    they’ve had a close encounter, I’m not going to be a gullible believer. And
    don’t buy into these so-called «former govt workers» that are «leaking»
    information. That’s just more BS.

  12. It’s the UFO cave.. Dunn dunn dunnnn. I did see a video with a supposed to
    leaving chem trails and would have me believe non authentic. Big great ole
    UFOs and having Chem trails. Would say something of ours or UFO trickery if
    they wanted.

  13. what if those aliens are planning to make this earth like a prison ground
    for their bad attitude alien kind, well we human will be in deep trouble,

  14. Haha, I just heard this beauty!!
    The worlds steepest road, in America? Hahahahahaha, you need any more proof
    that this prick
    Doesn’t know shit!!!!!!!!..

  15. what is up with the blond woman making that illuminati symbol ? at 40:09
    lol she does it more than once and she also seems to give the feeling she
    is out of place . it is just an observation relevant to those who study
    things like the illuminati. personally i have never met anyone who talks in
    real life about them, but i want to know for myself before i go out saying
    the illuminati are real and are dangerous. so far i haven’t seen anything
    that gives that kind of message. and all the people online that are talking
    about the illuminati are trying very hard to sell books. as far as THEO
    B’S COMMENT! he is a moron, he is not using google earth to fake anything,
    fact is if your on google earth and are looking at lets say china and you
    live in california, you spot something interesting and share it online,
    this just means he’s using google earth in hawaii but looking at other
    places, that is not faking being somewhere your not. god how can this guy
    be so retarded?. i hate it when people assume shit they know nothing about
    because they don’t think before lashing out online. 

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