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Best UFO Sightings Of February 2014, AnonymousFO: 25 комментариев

  1. With all those mobile phones out there with cameras at high res as 5 to 14
    Mp or more for years now, there still are no sharp pictures or video? Its
    all fake, for goodness sake if there where aliens out there, they must
    being so advanced and or so different to human kind, or such rare species
    that they can travel with those high speed, as showing here on you tube,
    and that they can sustain the G’s, witch come with these speeds.
    Flying in a F 16 at high speed the pilot needs a special suit to survive
    the G’s it takes when they make turn, and these speeds are nothing in
    compare to the speeds these UFO videots will like us to believe, with these
    speeds even with the specially made pilot suit you will crushed to the
    bone, unless the aliens have no bones and can become flat as a dime and
    become back in the original form after the compression. 

  2. At 1:07, just imagine that the guys are paying no attention to what the
    camera is filming, and are instead just having passionate incestual gay sex
    in the background. Only thing that made this bearable.

  3. We know something’s flying around up there, just not sure what. Reading
    about all the anti-grav testing that was done after WW2 when America
    welcomed all the Nazi scientists and engineers, and the bases out in
    Antarctica and South America, I’m thinking these craft are not alien but
    man made. The creepy part is what they plan to use them for.

  4. BUT i have the perfect explntion for you guys, the aliens OFC always
    search espcly for people with the worst cameras out there coz they dont
    want people to see their huge alien balls 

  5. Your videos are always very good. Some of these however were too funny to
    be ufos. One looked like a smiley and another like a star. Other than that
    great catches and definitely one of the best ufo videos on youtube.
    still sad that ufos don’t contact humans directly. Maybe they’re afraid?
    Hostile? Or a secret treaty with humans?

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