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Best UFO Sightings Of January 2014, AnonymousFO: 25 комментариев

  1. Not even an iphone camera is good for the night. You dont expect these
    people to be walking around with high quality cameras, they use whatever
    they have such as cellphones, on top of that.. ufos don’t stay there for a
    long time so you might as well just take the opportunity to use whatever
    you have to record these ufos. 

  2. Notice that with all of the video cameras we have today and not one single
    legitimate video of a UFO. Fact, We have never been visited by Aliens in

  3. I don’t get it. There have been thousands of sightings, but not a single
    UFO has been examined. You’d think at least one of the UFOs would make
    contact with Earth; Maybe at least one alien would have had a bad day and
    crashed. Am I totally wrong or are we all missing something? 

  4. UFOs of January 2014? Really? Like did you totally miss how the date by one
    witness at 2:00 was October 1st? Not even the year can be understood. Or
    did you think that it would go whoosh over our heads?

  5. I want to believe but why is there not a single quality video anywhere?
    They always seem to be filmed with mickey mouse cameras or crappy cell
    phones. Nothing in this video was remotely believable. 

  6. BORING UFO music!!! THUMBS DOWN!!! Why don’t you just use the X-Files
    theme like everybody else? Can’t go wrong with that. Works every time.
    You’d get a lot more hits if you just use better UFO music.

  7. There is a wall of ignorance, disbelief and stigma that has been propagated
    by governments, mainstream media and corporations for the last 60 or so
    years. I have myself seen a UFO whilst camping in Warwick QLD Australia. I
    hope one day the public learns the truth then perhaps we can move forward.
    People do have a right to know.

  8. Been seeing these things in the sky about 30 years now, I’ve heard lot’s of
    opinions of what they are eg: Aliens, Angels, Myans. I personally don’t
    know, some look solid so a kind of craft is most likely, others are just
    light and sound, so some type of natural phenomenon like Aurora of
    earthquake lights are possible, I just think they are neat to watch and
    hope they don’t stop any time soon :)

  9. I think i saw a ufo last night which made me come on here because it
    freaked me the fuck out. Last night at around 4 in the morning i looked out
    my window and seen a redish orange light in the sky, no stars were visible
    just this light and i thought to myself that is weird and as soon as i
    thought that it just faded out and disappeared but reappeared in a
    different part of the sky then it faded again but reappeared over my house
    for all of two seconds. I told my girlfriend but she just told me to shut
    up. It freaked me out because i had the feeling that whatever it was knew i
    was looking at it, i don’t even know why i looked out the window in the
    first place. Im living in Ireland so its not common to see that shit here

  10. most people never explored their inner selves, they afraid to discover the
    truth and the best way to explore the reality is when you are child,
    unfortunately only few were able to do that and make contact with other
    forms of life.
    Reality is that world is now so populated that it’s hard to make such
    contact with the universe, however when you go out in the forest at night
    alone you will find out just how crazy and different reality really is.
    When you get passed your own fear of being alone in the wilderness you will
    begin to receive signals and when you really really want to see the aliens
    and UFO all you have to do is ask them, there’s a few important phrases or
    prayers you can be saying to attract their attention but they will show, I
    have done it before and I saw real UFOs and I don’t care what everyone else
    says, they were real. 

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