Best UFO Sightings Of October, 2013, AnonymousFO In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this video is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior inte…

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Best UFO Sightings Of October, 2013, AnonymousFO: 25 комментариев

  1. The whole alien thing reveals what we humans are really like. We are
    either musing on what we might be able to get from the aliens; such as
    technology, or, what we should do if the aliens try to take our shit…like
    blow them up with nukes or something….Humans — self, self, self. 

  2. factoid…since gyro copters ( RC ) have been on the market these sighting
    have increased 10 fold. i know so many people who hook up lights to thier
    copters and fly them at night. then you have 100 of sightings. looks real.

  3. Yes Aliens do exist. Yes, UFOs do exist as well, but they are not all alien
    in nature. The large black triangle shaped UFOs are actually built by us.
    Nuclear weapon development was no the only project the German scientists
    worked on who were brought her e after 1947.

  4. it’s funny in all space movies or where they find other life, why is it
    that all their ships ect have windows? i mean come on they most likely dont
    :L they’d have much better, use your brain and come up with something
    coolerrrrrrrrr pls, good video none the less

  5. I’m not an Illuminati. Nor am I a ‘They walk among us!’ guy. But, I do
    believe intelligent life besides the cruel race known as mankind exists.
    These are concrete sightings. If you deny the existence of extraterrestrial
    life after watching this, you are hopeless.

  6. You all so smart and you have tons of explanations about the UFO.
    This is how your boring brain works:
    [ ONLY WE EXIST IN OUR UNIVERSE, NOTHING’S REAL ] think about it…only we
    exist? Seriously? Cause it’s really stupid. 

  7. Please, if you are not good in english(like me). Translate my post from
    russian into english.
    Я полагаю, что если видео, вообще все ПРАВДИВЫЕ видеозаписи в интернете про
    НЛО, доказывают существование объекта, не известного нам, обывателям, на
    этом видео, с чего оно должно относиться к внеземным цивилизациям(если
    такие существуют, мы вообще можем оказаться первой жизнью, хоть и шанс
    этого ничтожно мал). Эти объекты доступны нам для обзора невооружённым
    взглядом, гораздо правдивее выглядит версия о том, что это секретные
    разработки(к примеру научные или военные). Каков шанс, что в
    непосредственной близости от нас, есть цивилизация примерно нашего
    развития, которая наблюдает за нами, потому что развитые цивилизации могли
    бы наблюдать за нами и без подобных приборов(НЛО), летающих на орбите нашей
    планеты, так как даже мы можем заглянуть туда, куда мы не добрались бы за
    всю жизнь даже со скоростью света, что уж говорить высокоразвитых

  8. This is the real deal folks. I think a lot of people are just scared why
    they are here and want to deny it because it violates whatever religious
    beliefs they may have. People have gotten sucked into all that

    1:17 Is the TR-3B code name «Astra» this craft is ultra Top secret flown by
    the USAF. The president doesn’t even know about it. Of course he doesn’t
    get told about it because there are security clearance’s higher then his
    rank. It’s used by the CIA,NSA,NRO to preform Reconnaissance operations.
    It’s funded by the black budget price is unknown but is supposed to be in
    the billion dollar range. It’s been spotted in multiple areas since 1994 in
    particular the famous triangle photo from Belgium. I can’t begin to
    describe how this works but it’s ran by nuclear powered engins.

    2:36 Is not a meteor I first thought it was when I saw it. But It suddenly
    goes down then shoots back up. This is not ours nor is it any effect. No
    fighter jet or commercial airliner could do any of these maneuvers. This
    is preforming super sonic speeds that no human could ever endure

  9. Yeah man this video here doesn’t define the laws of Physics. See that
    triangle UFO on the last part of the video? That was simply eye-catching
    and astonishing if it is true. For now, all is still science fiction. 

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