Best UFO Sightings Of October 2013 Special Report Watch Now =)

Best UFO Sightings Of October 2013 Special Report Watch Now! Amazing UFO Videos Submitted To Thirdphaseofmoon From Around The World October 2013! Josh Romani…
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Best UFO Sightings Of October 2013 Special Report Watch Now =): 25 комментариев

  1. The three lights of which could see one of them .i think the two that
    She could not where reflections of the house lights.
    Same distance apart this could maybe explain it

  2. I’ve watched a lot to f these crapy stupid videos. How come none are in
    focus. If they are in focus their too small to see. Also a lot of the crap
    is cheap tacky remote control aircraft. Mind I have to watch just so I can
    laugh and scream abuse at how some people could be so fucking stupid
    believing all this a crap. 

  3. the #rd sighting ( Grand Junction Colorado ) appears to me to be the
    condensation trail of a west bound airliner at sunset… I often see
    similar images while looking west at sunset in Colorado Springs

  4. This video trumps the «Massive UFO sightings» video they put of at some
    park that has no UFOs in it. Oh well, who’s perfect?

    I have one tiny suggestion guys, when you give the date of the sighting,
    always include the year. The reason is that sometimes mass sightings around
    the world are seen and some of us like to sync up those sightings with the
    days of the month and year they were seen in. Eventually, a pattern can
    tend to form.

    This is a pretty good channel, other than a few minor interruptions in
    professionalism (re: «Massive UFO sightings» minus the UFOs), y’all do a
    pretty good job with your footage and content.


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