Best UFO Videos Of February 2014 Shocking Footage From Around The World Watch Now!

Best UFO Videos Of February 2014 Shocking Footage From Around The World Watch Now!

Best UFO Videos Of February 2014 Shocking Footage Sent Into Thirdphaseofmoon From Around The World! The Cousins Brothers Go On A Ghost Hunt & Much More Watch…
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Best UFO Videos Of February 2014 Shocking Footage From Around The World Watch Now!: 25 комментариев

  1. The one where you say that the objects could be Chinese lanterns, well I
    think they probably are! But why didn’t the guy filming go outside to see
    where they were coming from??

  2. now come on iv just watched paper lanterns for 5 minutes i thought you guys
    had started to show some real stuff instead of the total cack you used to
    show us this just puts your reputation in question again tut tut guys 

  3. UFO doesn’t mean Extra terrestrials it stands for Unidentified Flying
    Don’t laugh, you just might get a visit. I know it sounds irrational, but
    when you have five other people seeing the same thing its scary. I’m sure
    there is a rational explanation for some of this.

  4. Wow guys, I fly r/c planes as a hobby and that second «ufo» looks
    suspiciously like a Zagi, or foam «combat wing». I will admit that they
    blunted the nose, but I have done that to mine in the past due to crash
    damage. I can even make out the electric motor and pusher prop in the
    center of the wings trailing edge. As for the lack of noise, it will cruise
    at 1/4 throttle and at 100 feet you wont hear it. Not to say that there
    arent strange things afoot, but this one may have just been debunked.
    Google a Zagi and you will see what I am talking about…

  5. just like to say at 18.30 onwards when there in chicken hut… if u lisen
    lisen lisen really close you can hear a little girl crying. i dont think
    they have notised it but i have and it happends twice maybe 3 times less
    then 1min. but please lisen close and check it out.. thanks guys have fun

  6. Smelly ghosts? I was laughing so fucking hard. You don’t have to be a
    behavioural psychologist to work out that these guys don’t believe in what
    they’re trying to make us believe.

    Trollers or scam artists. Simple

  7. When I was 19 years old I used to watch the sky. Once on a clear night.I
    did saw 12 tiny small lights which look like tiny stars who passed by. They
    were fast coz they looked so far away and yet they disappear as i follow
    them moving. 

  8. there fallen angels i c them all the time, i was taken at age 7, i used to
    think the universe was too large for us humans to be the only life in it,
    but personal experience and certain contact has brought me to who and what
    these things really are, and there not friendly nor from another planet or
    galaxy, they are interdemintional beings, and without saying what they are
    just read the bible, i found out a couple years ago its all true, giants
    nephilim raphiam fallen angels demons. believe what u want….good luck

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