Blueprint for a UFO

Blueprint for a UFO

Mark McCandlish, US Air Force. For more information, visit Subscribe at Mark McCandlish …
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Blueprint for a UFO: 25 комментариев

  1. I think he’s a liar. Notice how he estimates the size of the UFO, as if he
    had to recall a picture in memory. But he never saw it, it was his friend
    who saw it and then told him about it. Whether he’s a pathetic liar or just
    paid for reasons of wonderweapon-propaganda (as seen in the last days of
    nazi germany), I don’t know. There’s so much crap around the UFO Topic…

  2. 30:40 — The technology he is talking about exists in the commercial market
    place now with companies like OcculusRift.

    It is safe to assume the military had had already developed the technology
    decades before.

  3. This guy is lying his teeth out. Military organizations do not operate this
    way. Everything is highly compartmentalized and on need to know basis. No
    gets to cut through like this, certainly not guests of dignitaries. This is
    100% fiction. I guess being an artist has something to do with it… ;)

  4. Microwaves can do all and more, if you do your study microwaves fits all
    known alien intervention, Microwaves since they are radio can induce
    currents and also disrupt electrical circuits and so forth. they can be
    offensive, defensive or even radar and or propulsion all in one.

  5. about 20 mins into this it sounds like he’s talking about the LRV type
    craft(lentricular reentry vehicle)
    they are basically a super secret flying brick/half disk that can launch
    into sub orbit for 6 months at a time.

    pretty deadly concept if you ask me, they bust out those suckers for mobile
    nuclear retaliation(for when all ground bases are about to get nuked)

  6. for all the suckers that say this exists and the government have it and
    have had it for years….. Riddle me this: why are they still building
    conventional rockets? that sort of stuffs your lame arse

  7. This is the reason that made us the way we are today. Norton doesn’t handle
    secret stuff anymore. In Southern California, we assume that everybody is
    watching. Norton is surrounded 360% by the public so now the air-force &
    (research ect..) military go underground. They still do the same thing but
    it’s all done at night & or in subterranean places. 

  8. You see , all good, intelligent people, when You gather and study for
    yourself, Tesla, Poole, Van Nuemann, etc! You’ll begin to Understand the
    Huge big picture, Whether you let Yourself comprehend and believe what
    you’re reading, understanding, in concepts of FREE ENERGY, discovered
    nearly over 105 years ago, by Tesla himself, then, that feeling you get,
    when it sinks in, Yeah, Thats YOUR elected officials that HAVE BEEN keeping
    more than you want to believe from you! Look at Solar Road Tiles, and get

  9. Quite accurate. Well known and documented technology. Do the math.

    Better yet, just go camp out in Saline Valley for a couple weeks, you WILL
    see this type of craft if you keep your eyes to the sky in the early
    morning hours on moonless nights…

    Check out Tommy Bearden’s lecture on the right.

    IDK about alien Tech but this type of stuff has been around since the late
    30’s and is manufactured in Southern California…

    All public domain folks… Wakie, wakie…

  10. What this guy and Bob Lazar says are two different ways of energy field
    propulsion? There are probably more energy field propulsion systems out
    there waiting to be discovered. This guys energy field propulsion is based
    on electrical high voltage propulsion while Bob Lazars energy field
    propulsion is based on interaction with gravitational waves of the Earth
    and the universe. Every energy field propulsion system has its limitations
    to speed as you can only travel as fast as your energy field propulsion
    systems technology will allow. Some energy field propulsion systems will
    allow your craft to travel more faster than other forms of energy field
    propulsion because of its more advanced technological elements of its
    energy field propulsion systems. Now how do you travel
    intergalactically without travelling faster than light? Well the theory is
    this. A craft that can physically take its self out of the universes laws
    of physics from a 3 dimensional existence into a two dimensional universe
    existence while the craft is still existing in 3 dimensional space. Once
    that is achieved the 2 dimensional universe is like a table top existing in
    2 dimensional space of left and right, forwards and backwards but no depth.
    To navigate intergalactically your craft still in 3 dimension space moves
    vertically allowing your craft to rise up above the 2 dimensional universe
    therefore getting a birds eye view as your craft goes higher while the 2
    dimensional universe gets smaller cramming in more galaxies in your crafts
    line of sight. But before this can be done your craft in 3 dimensional
    space has to be anchored or connected to the 2 dimensional universe to
    allow your craft to rise up vertically and this is done by your craft
    through an energy tether or beam that has fixed your origin of departure
    from 3 dimensional space to 2 dimensional space. So your craft is now in a
    space of altitude in relation to the 2 dimensional universe, then you see a
    galaxy on the other side of the universe lets say thousands of galaxies
    over and you want to travel over to that galaxy. The next step is your
    craft aims at that galaxy and shoots out a energy tether or beam that
    connects with that galaxy on the other side of the universe in which your
    craft has now created a 3 dimensional bridge from your positional origin to
    your destination. Now your craft can traverse that bridge of the 2
    dimensional universe and as your craft descends down the tether or beam
    towards your destination the 2 dimensional universe starts to expand and
    you get a more detailed view of the targeted galaxy like a microscope
    zooming in on a target. Then once your craft settles back into a matching 2
    dimensional space with no depth with the 2 dimensional universe your craft
    can now re-enter the 3 dimensional universe we live in again. Now your
    craft is on the other side of the known universe without travelling faster
    than light. Like I said in the beginning that there a many forms of energy
    field propulsion out there that exists, some are limited in its own
    capabilities while others are energy field propulsion in different ways
    than just speed. All of this can be done in ten minutes in theory. But of
    course it is all theory? Believe it or not, that is the true question! 

  11. The best 1:12:03 I have ever had next to Bob L. The diff is ARV and the
    real deal. Bob = Real UFOV this guy = Real ARV. Found it fascinating and
    checked all of his statements through Google and found hits even the guy
    with the patent from 60.

  12. Hey clown………….your talking about an ufo anyone can do that!

    Show us the blue print you eyed fucking idiot!
    You dont have it???
    Ok change the title of your movie and turn it into.
    «I like to talk about the ufo disc»
    That is something else then making us believe that you know how too make
    one got it?

  13. So you have this big expensive elaborate spaceship and to keep it level it
    uses some bowl hanging off a sphere that is effected by gravity if it leans
    one way or another to correct it? Ever hear of fly by wire? $200
    quadra-copters have better technology.

  14. how do you keep the occupants of the craft from splattering the windshields
    like insects. I know there’s a buncha theories for that but I wish he could
    actually explain that himself and see what they actually came up with to
    sustain such high g forces.

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