Breaking News! UFO Sightings Alien Cryptid Visits Major Public Event! Aug 2014

Breaking News! UFO Sightings Alien Cryptid Visits Major Public Event! Aug 2014

Alien Cryptid Makes A Surprise Visit To Contact In The Desert While Erich von Däniken & Giorgio A. Tsoukalos along with George Noory Speak at a Symposium! Is…
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Breaking News! UFO Sightings Alien Cryptid Visits Major Public Event! Aug 2014: 25 комментариев

  1. This is not the greatest of the questions! I personally am wondering who
    the heck are the people who are sitting up front? Von Donigan seems to me,
    to be even far more incredible than the supposed alien behind him! I as
    per usual, am questioning far more than the so-called alien standing behind
    Von Donigan! I believe it is a reasonable question, who the heck are the
    people sitting at the table, as it seems the closer we get to these, the
    stranger even THEY become!

  2. This is straight out witchcraft (but what does John Todd know when he
    reveals what he did about his sister) and those who know anything about
    what is truth and what is lie in the uFOOLology movement, know that
    Aliester Crowley when he was doing his very dark magic, met a spirit that
    came through the dimension of their own into ours (through ritual dark
    satanic magick), and the name of the spirit was «LAM»… and this is where
    the ‘grey devil spirit’ was admitted by Crowley, but the uFOOLology
    movement took that knowledge knowing it was a satanic manifestation of a
    devil spirit, and changed it into «grey alien’, for all the naive,
    guillible, morosophic fools suffering from morosis to believe such
    fairytales by satanists. Man this movment makes alot of money off a naive
    people, what a cash cow, sell secret gov’t craft as something from

    The disclosure project is funded by the Rockefellers, you know, the same
    family dynasty behind the wars, population reduction, you know, the guys
    who want a new world order, but hey who cares about what they have to say
    right? I mean, you people must know more than the rulers running the show
    who see us as dumb animals right? Werner Von Braun and Carol Rosin make
    clear to you the massive lie that is presently being sold. Why do you
    thing rockefeller agent steven greer took Carol Rosin off the disclosure
    project conferences early on? Because her story of Werner Von Braun which
    can be corroborated by such people like Joseph P Farrell, make abundantly
    clear the people who actually believe in ‘creatures’ from ‘outerspace’ are
    full evidence of having been so decieved by the rulers of this planet, that
    it’s not a wonder why the ruling dynasties see the average population as
    dumbed down, mongoloid, idiocracy melting minds in chemical poison, which
    of course they have everything to do with as well.

    The people who support this only further confirm they can’t tell the
    difference between hollywood and reality of genetic engineering and
    aerospace/atmospheric manipulation technology. So sad how many are so
    duped into believing this as the hollywood movies portray it, straight
    Mind-Kontrol-Predictive-Programming declassified long ago and yet, the
    uFOOLology movement continues to make swathes of money off of very
    dishonest stories.

    But hey what does Joe Jordan know with this «The unwanted piece of the
    puzzle»… i’m sure you guys know more than him on such a topic, and i mean
    all of you were MUFON researchers right? The one on the scene and everythin

  3. I’ll say it again, this channel does more harm to the UFO community than
    good. An overwhelming amount of videos they upload are complete BLATANT
    farces. Now top all that off with cheeseball acting and cheeseball
    «dramatic» commentary and you have a channel where nothing is going to be
    taken serious, EVEN if you later did post something legit.

  4. a human mind tends to percieve significant patterns and shapes out of
    randomness, just like we sometimes see shapes of animals or faces in the
    clouds or a face on the moon its all a case of pareidolia but hey nothing
    can be proven right i mean, i am tired of watching videos like these where
    a freakin blurred insect or a blurred scarecrow could be aliens…this is
    no proof all they can do is put this infront of you and ask what do you
    think….i really wana see more convincing videos on this…

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