BREAKING!!! UFO ALIEN DISCLOSURE By Canadian Minister of Defence MAY 2013

DOWNLOAD FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE VIDEOS: Hon. Paul Hellyer — Minister of National Defense Testified knowing of 4 Alien races actively visiting Earth. Source Channel: …

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BREAKING!!! UFO ALIEN DISCLOSURE By Canadian Minister of Defence MAY 2013: 25 комментариев

  1. «Unidentified flying objects are real». No shit? They’re unidentified. I’m
    sure not everything that ever took to the sky was identified. Big fucking

  2. Very confusing speech. Aliens are real, some living on U.S. soil. Really?
    What are they doing there — watching re-runs of I Love Lucy and eating
    burgers? Come on, seriously. If an advanced alien race or races have been
    visiting Earth for thousands of years, why didn’t they stop HItler? Why
    don’t they stop ISIS? Ridiculous.

  3. The cabal comprises:

    members of the three sisters
    council of foreign relations
    the bilderbergers and the tri lateral commission
    international banking cartel
    oil cartel
    members of various intelligence organisations
    select members of the military (?) enter?

    who together become a shadow government of not only the USA but much of the
    western world

  4. I thought this guy was lying until the very end. It’s hard to think of a
    reason someone would make this stuff up, but his last few statements show
    his true intentions which are *spot on*. Humans fail as a race because of
    individualism. Everyone wants the newest smart phone and new clothes and
    new this new that etc. and all this mass consumerism is not only destroying
    the earth but it’s what creates the gap between the Elite Rich and the
    masses (all of us). They make a shit ton of money which translates into
    power, and we all labor away at our jobs like pawns in their game (because
    we are). Humans need to let go of materialistic wants and instead focus on
    things that matter. We could easily have a Utopia on earth. We have the
    technology and the know-how to feed and house everyone and make life better
    for everyone. But instead all our manpower and knowledge goes into what the
    people in charge (governments and corporations) say it should, which is
    anything they think can give them more profit (hence more power). This guy
    wants everyone to realize this and to come together as one race and focus
    on things that actually matter instead of trying to make ipads even slimmer
    and cars even faster. So with all that being said, most humans don’t even
    realize this is how things currently are. They just live day to day because
    they think it’s perfectly fine and normal and anyone who thinks something
    is wrong is crazy or a conspiracy nut. So for this guy to be aware that
    that’s how humans are makes me think he knows the other species aren’t so
    dumb and easily brainwashed as us humans and he wants us to advance like
    they have. It really does make sense if you think about it.

  5. I cannot fathom the fact that people think this is a fake or a false flag
    event. Paul Hellyer and Richard Dolan are very credible sources and are
    trying to do the world a favor and finally disclose the truth about
    extraterrestrials. Of course the main stream media will just tell you
    everything is okay go back to living your normal shit lives. If you would
    take the time and study the phenomenon you would find the truth. Most
    comments left below are filled with ridicule and shame. It really shows how
    uneducated the average American citizen is. Do me a favor and keep watching
    reality tv shows and filling your heads with shit. It will make it that
    much easier in the end to tell you apart.

  6. I LOVE this video! Thank you Disclosure Team!
    For a Politician of such genuine integrity, honour and compassion such as
    Paul Hellyer, Former Defence Minister and Former Deputy Prime Minister of
    Canada, to discuss UFO’s, Extra Terrestials, Galactic Family is one thing.
    But to also confirm the existence of The Cabal, Shadow Governments and the
    fact that the Cabal is elected by no one, and accountable to no one, and
    that our civil rights are being taken away from us, as well all know, is a
    MASSIVE deal!

    I love though, that David Wilcock and William Henry, both Global Teachers
    and Authors, PROVE the fact that we WILL have Peace in our lifetime, as we
    ARE Ascending. And we will form an InterGalactic Alliance with all of
    Creation. All is well and unfolding DIVINELY.

    Bless you Paul Hellyer, David and William and ALL Truth Speakers and Way
    Showers of the Golden Age. SO MOTE IT BE ♥ 

  7. I do have a real question. Why don’t y’all just say hello to the public
    and let them know whats up.? I mean there’s enough of you to do what you
    came to do right? Your here to make pancakes and B.L.T. sandwiches. AND
    drink Tequila!!!

    Ok, now really why do people need the government to admit to the alien
    presence before they can accept it them selves? I refuse to believe that
    people are that stupid.
    WELL BELIEVE IT. Otherwise every single one of them people are aliens
    dressed up as humans pretending to be people.
    Show your love, release your soul to the infinite self and experience
    the oneness. «So my buddy here can jump in and have that ticket to Disney
    Land you call a body. woo hooo.. SUCKERS. 

  8. No clue what his motivations may be, but extraordinary claims require
    extraordinary proof. As I digest his diatrobe, in the end, he has nothing
    but words without any evidence.

  9. «Show us evidence»
    You all realize that you’re not going to achieve a much more credible
    source (on the topic of ET life) than a government official, right?
    Plenty of common people have come forth saying what he just said, with
    videos this that or the other, and it’s not changed anything. This singular
    man and his words are exponentially more credible than the person standing
    next to you at the grocery store. 

  10. I don’t think Intelligent Aliens have visited earth. Out of the 10 million
    species maybe more that have lived on earth it took 4 billion years for
    just one of them to reach low orbit. If the Universe is 13.8 billion years
    old. Could a planet form in that time evolve life and have no set backs
    that caused mass extinction events then evolve life smart enough to A. get
    into space. B want to get into space and C. visit earth/ Sure its possible.
    but i wouldn’t bet on it. If the universe does posses Aliens. It’s really
    to vast for them to give a darn about us. just a thought. 

  11. Such an interesting conference. It’s selfish of us to believe we are the
    only sentient beings in this whole universe but evidence is also important.

    Though, I would understand if the government likes to keep it’s secrets
    from the masses. Point in case, look at epic fails or gun fails on YouTube.
    Humans can be pretty f@$!*&% dumb.

  12. *** GROUNDBREAKING INTERVIEW! *** Wow!! Paul Hellyer, Former Deputy Prime
    Minister of Canada, and Former Defence Minister discusses NOT only UFO’s,
    extra terrestials, Galactic Family but The Cabal too, which is «The Powers
    that Were!» I
    I had the honour of 29 mins of his time on Skype 13/07/2012 ♥ 

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