Breaking UFO News Massive Alien UFO Visits ISS!!! Enhanced Video! May 2014

Breaking UFO News Massive Alien Ship Visits ISS!!! Enhanced Video! Toby Lundh Shares Incredible Live Feed Footage Of a Large UFO Next To The International Sp…
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Breaking UFO News Massive Alien UFO Visits ISS!!! Enhanced Video! May 2014: 25 комментариев

  1. I really hope we meet E.Ts in our lifetime. Share medicine technology and
    knowledge. Thought I say limit our weapon capabilities for now, we’re not
    ready in 2014 for it as a world lol

  2. Amo questi gomblotti, aspetto solo la rivelazione 🙂 +Martino Mosna tu che
    sei *space addicted* cosa ne pensi? Want you to believe or not? 😉

  3. BOOM! Undeniable evidence that ETs exist! Many points to explain:

    1) It has blinking lights. Orange blinking lights.

    2) It is gigantic and shaped like a pizza dish.

    3) It came into view and hanged there for a nine minutes.

    4) It slowly disappeared out of sight and the lights along with it.

    I believe this was done deliberately so that people can see it. They must
    be preparing us for something that is happening soon. Remember, the first
    step in spiritual evolution is acceptance. If you cannot accept other
    people and cultures (both off world and on world) you are not ready for the
    next step, which is intergalactic relationships with our Galactic brothers
    and sisters.

    Now is the time to adjust your mindset and embrace love and understanding.
    You won’t be hurting anyone but yourself if you deny this.

    All the best. 

  4. Birdie says that coming this summer northern hemisphere there will be an
    event on the pond among a boat that will spark the disclosure of an untold
    history many of us can’t imagine. Are you prepared with a decent internet
    connection??? We are not alone, simples… lets just hope they are
    friendly to are selfish minds. 

  5. I believe it is a mother ship of one of many. That one must be of a
    freindly natured one for if it were was one of hatred and violence nature
    the our peop,e would have been wiped out on the spot. If you have an open
    mind to that then you would realize that the ET ship would have the ability
    to scan for all life forms and thier Intent of being there. If the ET’S can
    scan thier suroundings for stuff of that nature then they can scan forweapo
    s of mass destruction on our ships aswell. Thats without us knowing it.

  6. Wow!!! That is a very big Mothership!!! Our Extraterrestrial brothers and
    sisters are WATCHING us. Like NASA watches them, THEY watch us very
    closely. Because they know we are very destructive evil Beings. Due to PAST

  7. Where is the camera mounted? Could this be a reflection? I was suspicious
    that this was fake, but I saw the original feed. If this isn’t a
    reflection… WOW. 

  8. I look forward to when we as a planet can no longer deny the fact that we
    have major ties to many beings, and always have. Truth shall be revealed,
    all shall know in due time. <3

  9. finally you posted a video that strikes me as real. I’ve watched many vid’s
    from 3rdPhase but there are many that strike me as dissapointing to watch…

    I’ve seen this claim earlier this year, but no «huge» U.F.O. The U.F.O is
    not seen at all or not as clearly visible as in this one. Good work on this

  10. I understand that there several people in y.t. That been wanting to send
    video’s and photo and you guys have denied them that chance why? Fair

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