Breaking UFO News!! TR3B Captured Over Florida 11/15/2014 [WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE]

Breaking News TR3B Captured Over Florida 11/15/2014 [WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE] Within Hours Of Umar’s Capture Of What looks To Be Strange Light Formations O…

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Breaking UFO News!! TR3B Captured Over Florida 11/15/2014 [WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE]: 24 комментария

  1. I saw strange VERY STRANGE lights in the night sky in Florida 2 years ago!
    I contacted mufon. I had no video but I do have photographic memory that
    unfortunatly I cant upload here.

  2. Looks to me like candle lanterns I’ve seen these a lot in my city and have
    launched them myself. They look like the are moving erratically because of
    swirling winds….just my opinion 

  3. whats the deal guys?! u guys keep posting these utra poopy quality videos
    ….and then you say stuff like «TR3B Captured Over Florida»…SHOULD SAY

    its GREAT to put ALL the evidence ON THE TABLE meaning uploading and
    sharing even the crappy quality videos and allow for the people to each
    make up ones own mind on what these things are and what they COULD be but
    to say with such certainty with so little evidence is unacceptable…. it
    undermines any legitimate claims you may have made or will make in the
    future … …. stop crying wolf …. like i said to share the video and
    the conversation is cool but DON’T MAKE SOLID CLAIMS WITHOUT SOLID
    EVIDENCE….this movement has ENOUGH of that kinda crap goin on in this
    corner of the research filed …. love you guys and appreciate your work
    and efforts I REALLY DO i just dont wanna see you efforts and reputation
    become diluted and smeared by overt speculation rather than open minded
    consideration…. Be well my friends! 

  4. when i awoke as a 14 year old i felt held down in bed i peeped out of my
    eye lids to see an alien 7 maybe 8 feet tall as i freaked kicking his
    head off he ran through the house with me on his alien trail . i grabed
    my baseball bat and hauled ass they arent fast but dodged trees and brush
    as if born to see at night i thought it was a burgular in head gear like
    halloween,, im irish and extreamly fast as i closed on him he hit an
    opening a field i went after him catching him , he didnt resist i put
    down the bat and said what are you it tried to like maybe get in my head
    i felt my head get chill bumps and i could feel it triing to read thoughts
    or an energy projected at my head but it didnt get through im irish we
    are inpervious to bullshit ok bad to the bone ready to react to help
    others in a flash like when i trip i seem to always catch myself like a
    cat this is why alien tall grey,,, i know that know was not getting away
    it wore a wrist band might have been a tattoo anyway me being the type
    to yell out at anything and lay it on the spirit world heck ill cus out
    the pope and 2 min. later be telling a joke so anyway i realized he was
    scared and he kept looking at the bat so i picked it up and tossed it at
    him he picked it up and as he stood i freaked at what size this skinny
    tall grey was he layed the bat down and stepped away from it he just
    knodded and walked away with a kind of hitch in his step he had heals
    on his feet not like ours strange but i was so scared yet crazy back
    then i just watched him go away i left the bat went back home he was
    only checking me out sleeping i guess he ment no harm but most do
    just wake up kicking if you see an alien at night it works wa pow,,.;

  5. This maybe the small galaxy cluster scientist say coming in our own, see if
    it shows up again, check at a different time, 3-6 hours prior to and after
    the initial event.suggested time 7-8 pm est, or 4-5 am est. let us know,
    for this maybe BIG news.

  6. Thanks Blake and Umar! Question: Why do you assume it’s US GOV TR3B?? The
    anomalous twirling, leaving streaks of light, etc — which wasn’t captured
    on vid — plus the «typical» hehe break-up of perfect triangular
    configuration, then vanishing at different times in different directions
    makes me think it was NOT a back-engineered vehicle……….who knows????
    THANKS for your great work! 

  7. I live in Miami Lakes and have seen A LOT of UFO activity mostly after 12am
    at night. The best one that blew my mind was at 4am. The UFO turned BRIGHT
    moved a bit and than dissapeared in the night.

  8. How come the people they speak with in all the videos are all better
    speakers then the actual host? Blake guy sounds like he has never done and
    interview and totally winging it. I mean if u want to be taken seriously
    then at least be professional ffs.

  9. This is 2014, and yet when people say they say got film of some ufo. . .why
    is it the people who have the shittiest cameras who have cams from the
    bloody 2000’s. . . .

    I really enjoy knowing more about ufos, I really do but this is just plain
    out disappointing.

  10. Must we have to put up with vulgar language, do some people particularly
    Americans find it difficult to say anything without Swearing when there are
    much better words in the English language that can be used to explain
    things better in a more acceptable way. The video of the Ufo is astounding.

  11. Would have to agree with many in the comments. This is likely Sky Lanterns
    (Chinese lanterns). Also if you do research TR3B is a misnomer. This was a
    old unrelated project was was called something else. It was a blimp project
    likely way outdated to what is out there now. Try not to get mislead on
    this. Read the book Triangular UFOs: An Estimate of the Situation: Mr.
    David Marler, good research.

  12. Scan, lock and fire these demonic abominations out of the sky. They
    decieve, people thats what they do! This isnt star trek but a deception
    since the ages. Read the Book of Enoch!

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