Charlotte NC Man Sees A UFO And Has The Video To Prove It — WCNC

Luis Rodriguez looked up into the nights sky and seen something that he could not identify. Source=…
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Charlotte NC Man Sees A UFO And Has The Video To Prove It — WCNC: 11 комментариев

  1. Looks like a drone to me. You can buy the kit to add the flashing lights,
    and even mod that, or do your own lights.

    Or it’s military/ black budget device.

    Or it’s an ET Vehicle

  2. Demons? Bible-belt baloney. There is intelligent life out there in the
    universe and heaven help them if they encounter someone who believes they
    are demons. Of course, if they can make it light-years across the universe
    to visit us, they probably already understand that many earthlings still
    operate on primitive assumptions about «the other» — anyone who is
    different is assumed to be a devil, or a witch, or a heretic blah, blah,
    blah —- in disguise. So, do me a favor. If you happen to encounter an
    alien species, run like hell. They deserve a better «welcome» than you,
    with your Neanderthal approach to someone different.

  3. Yet again another misleading report, Hes says appears to be A UFO??, So it
    Appears to be Unidentified is that telling us anything UFO means
    Unidentified flying object it does not mean Alien space craft that would be
    a ASC wouldnt it? proof that some is unidentified is proof of nothing,

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