Chilean Government releases official study on UFO photos

Is this a flying saucer? Chilean government publishes report declaring object spotted above remote copper mine was an ‘official UFO’ Government agency in Chi…
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Chilean Government releases official study on UFO photos: 15 комментариев

  1. I wonder what attracted it… was it the crater or the iron? It might of
    been the iron. We have technology to see elements 10+ billion light years
    away, so should they. 

  2. This looks clearly forged video. There is no friction with whatsoever
    medium when the object moves around the construction site. This is a video
    made separately with construction site and later edited by placing the
    movement of the object. 

  3. Thank-you for the upload and interesting video presentation of the
    Chilean UFO Report Cosmos. Seems Events are becoming more frequent.
    UFO’s..Government Secret Project? Who knows anymore.Nice catch.Do you
    happen to know the conclusions of the Study? Link for Study?Please.
    Peace Y

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