China Chang’e 3 Lunar Rover Yutu (Jade Rabbit) Finds Strange Anomalies

Somehow my intro didn’t get on there. I had a hell of a time making this video it bombed out twice! Sorry I am just getting around to a new Chinese update. I…
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4 ~3~ 2009 Magnetosphere Confirmed GRB

Observation 4-3-2009 With unusually low solar activity there has never been a better time to study Anomalous Behavior . This episode was right on the fringe …

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China Chang’e 3 Lunar Rover Yutu (Jade Rabbit) Finds Strange Anomalies: 27 комментариев

  1. ……………You know at this stage….I really dont care any more we all
    seem to be drowning in or own bullshit whats fake whats real is it lies is
    it the truth……where, why, when, who, how….I see it I

  2. It looks like a fake landing cause the light, it looks too bright close to
    the rover while just a little farther it get really darker,, or is a light
    from a chines ship?

  3. ok this is fake Look at the tracks leading to the «Lunar» See it is
    pointing the wrong way bad photo shop.if it was going in the direction its
    pointed in the tracks wouldn’t be so very very clear the wheels are facing
    the wrong way. The machine is facing 11.05 the tracks are more like 58
    minutes to 11 see they don’t match and tracks as clear you can see the tire
    marks gives it away. Look get 2 rulers put one across the Tyre tracks it
    has made. Now get another ruler and put it in the direction the craft is
    pointing SEE??? its fake don’t waste your time the objects in it are pods
    to keep people like you absorbed instead of looking for real UFO’s and
    space anomalies.

  4. I love you say ”it’s looks like this and looks like that”. I saw a cloud
    look like a floating cow, doesn’t mean I saw a floating cow. I saw a cloud
    shaped a bit like a cow. You are wasting your time.

  5. They are not rocks….they are petrified Alien buffalo turds. The haziness
    you see is due to the swamp gasses coming off of the turds in the thin
    lunar atmosphere. This video is so credible too. I mean he has the photo
    open in Photoshop right from the beginning altering it right before our
    very eyes. I also cannot believe that with today’s technology this is the
    best we can get for photographs. Has anyone else notice that there seems
    to be a complete lack of photos from such an expensive trip. Its like a
    China man going on vacation with out a fucking camera……you know that
    isn’t going to happen.

  6. Hey Will, I’m watching some of the older videos and this one is way cool!@
    10:17 those almost look like tire tracks to me. Also,@11:06, the shiny rock
    just below your cursor seems to have a «tire track» as well. Kinda reminds
    me of the «mystery of the Raceway Rocks» out in the Mojave Desert, where
    the rocks move and leave tracks across the desert! The floating thingy
    looks like the quintisential silvery orb that people see so often. Seems to
    be checking out the Rabbit.

  7. What is unnerving about this entire Chinese rover mission, is that the
    thing landed dozens to hundreds of feet from whopping great and unusual but
    clearly there artifacts.

    I’ve been anxiously sipping at the Kool-Ade over lunar artifacts, but this
    is where the Chinese have bumped my elbow to take a swallow.

    What’s really getting to me, is that despite the time between Curiosity on
    Mars and Jade Rabbit on the Moon, there is no advance in camera resolution.
    (But I kid the Chinese; the granularity of this image suggests the entire
    thing has been degraded. There are «circular» artifacts on top of jpeg
    compression artifacts this is doing a helluva job adding visual clutter.)
    If their choices of camera was bad enough. They could have used a kid’s
    Play ‘n’ Ride chassis to get twice as much life out of the wheel system.
    Did plucky little Jade Rabbit last 2 weeks? I trust the design team that
    worked on those pitiful wheels are studying hard in their Re-Education Camp.

    The first discovery on this video looks much more like a half-buried
    old-style generator housing. There’s SO much junk visible (Uncle Jake’s
    Lunar Annex Junk Yard… !) that it beggars one’s peace of mind. I would
    fully expect the Chinese to -of necessity — remove something right in front
    of the rover. Or even under the wheels! There’s that much crap all over the

    The «floating ball» — at first I thought it was attached to that large
    rectangular shape to its immediate image, left. That the «ball» shape is a
    bright metallic reflection that is out-of-focus blurred into something
    rounder than it is. But the «shadow» seems attached to the ball shape. I am
    torn between the two ideas no matter how much I stare. Could the «shadow»
    be a confusingly-aligned hole?

    Don’t get me started on all the chunks of «gear toothed» circular objects I
    see all over the place. I give up.

    Jose Escamillo seems to have gone missing/dark. His video work is
    unparalleled— whatever business he came from it enabled him to do some
    amazing visual work. That having been said, his «colored’ Moon is a giant
    misstep. Unless I’ve misunderstood his stated objectives, all the color in
    his Moon has been added by himself. It’s not «there» to be brought out by
    an intrepid technician. I was fascinated by his Moon work until he
    explained himself and his process. I admit it’s been several years and
    perhaps I simply misunderstood— but it seemed clear at the time, that he
    placed his own choice of colors on photos of the Moon. Then he put his
    movie together. It’s a very nice movie, but less revelatory when one sees
    it for a pretty fiction.

    I’m not attempting to detract from his discovery efforts and demonstrations
    of structures on the lunar surface; his hour-long video about a secret EVA
    during the Apollo landing missions is convincing. But his coloring work was
    rather upsetting.

  8. Pow qdo se esperava que os chineses mostrassem alguma coisa diferente dos
    americanos…ficamos pasmos ao ver que as imagens são iguais aos dos
    americanos na lua…fotos em branco e preto…céu sem estrelas…e etc…o
    que está acontecendo ….isso é uma combinação…jogada ensaiada?…um

  9. in the old days nasa had x s for photo locations i dont think the black
    circles r used 4 that by the chinese if they r not test holes i think
    they work like sponges i know i m way out there.

  10. You made a comment at 11:15 that this doesn’t look like the American
    footage. Would you think of doing a side by side comparison? I am not
    skilled enough in this to find them. But I thought you or someone else

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