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  1. Just to clarify, we are realistic in the fact that most or even all of the
    anomalies in the moon image from the video, very well may simply be rocks
    and other debris. Nonetheless, the structured objects we pointed out are of
    an anomalous nature, and do not look like your normal moon rocks. For all
    we know one or all of them could be much more than we may imagine, but to
    blindly state with all certainty that these are quote: «DEFINITELY ALL
    ROCKS», would be doing an injustice to UFO research all together. Keep your
    eyes open and never deny what you don’t know.

  2. To clarify further, we do not deny that NASA landed on the moon, but only
    that they DID land, but faked a large majority of the footage in order to
    hide what was there. As for all of the negative and/or insulting comments,
    they will not be tolerated and blocks will be enacted for those not
    contributing to the dialogue like adults. Thirdly, I suggest you watch our
    recent video following up on the moon rover images and the new anomalies
    found. Please stay safe, and keep an open mind. Thanks

    *The Moon must have an artificial origin, since no natural explanation has
    proven viable for it’s existence.
    *Moon may have no core at all.
    *Ours is the only Moon in the solar system with a stationary, circular
    orbit which is almost perfectly circular.
    *One of the most fascinating of the lunar observations are flashes of
    *An obelisk-shaped object that towers 1 miles from the Ukert area of the
    Moon,s surface, was discovered by Orbiter 3 in 1968,one of which was more
    than 150 feet tall. «. . . the spires were arranged in precisely the same
    was as the apices of the three great pyramids.»
    *Heiroglyphs found near the city of Tiahuanaco, Bolivia record the Moon
    entering into orbit about 11,500 to 13,000 years ago.

  4. The odds of landing on the Moon or Mars and immediately seeing anomalous
    structures or objects is astronomical. For example, you could drop a moon
    rover into the middle of any desert on planet earth and go 50 miles in any
    direction and never see a man made object. And thats on a planet with 7
    billion inhabitants. I do believe there are structures on the
    moon…………just not in any of these Chinese pics. 

  5. with today’s technology, all these photos and videos should be crystal
    clear leaving nothing to the imagination. Ask yourself why the pictures
    released to the public are not. (and don’t be an idiot and make jokes that
    it’s because it was made in China)

  6. I remember watching the first news footage of the Apollo 11 moon landing, I
    was 8 years old at the time. It was a great time to grow up watching these
    explorers do their thing. Over the years I had learned that many people had
    claimed that all of it was faked and It seemed farfetched to me that NASA
    would do that, then I found out about the Van Allen Belt. Now I’m not so
    sure. It was brought to my attention that they would not be able to survive
    the passage through that belt without either being killed or returning home
    with a permanent glow. I am still leaning more on the side that they did go
    to the moon because some of this information I don’t understand and would
    hate to accuse any of the Astronauts of lying. 

  7. Idk if I’m right but this is what I think sometimes. Man never went to the
    moon, it’s all just a lie that the government gave to the Americans so that
    they believe that America is the best country, and but also a lie to the
    rest of the world to make other countries and superpowers think that the
    U.S. has the best technology and that the U.S. beat everyone to the moon.
    Think about it, the Russians were the firsts in space and Kennedy probably
    bit more than he can chew by saying that the U.S. will send a man to the
    moon. They probably didn’t have enough time to come up with the technology
    to send man to the moon so they lied. They lied so that they wouldn’t let
    Americans down and also so that they won’t k lol bad in front of other
    countries. Idk maybe :)

  8. Male bovine excrement deluxe. I do not know what is out there / surrounding
    space that is / but I know, what cannot be found on this planet:
    Intelligent Humans…

  9. Don’t use the weight measurement as that is variable. In this situation
    you ought to stick with just mass.

    I don’t see what you see. I see an out of focus portion of a picture being
    taken for alien rhetoric. I would not discount the possibility of alien
    existence but I would not take every maybe and possibly and rant either.
    Stick with more probable images and you’ll get a lot more looks and be
    considered more credible..

  10. Adjust the lighting and view at a slight angle, and you see why there are
    no wheel tracks relating to the rover wheel in this particular piece… The
    floor of this scene has been RAKED, like with a garden rake from Sears and
    Roebuck! There are parallel lines throughout the «Dirt» that you can’t see
    by viewing head on….

  11. Yet the color looks different from the landing vehicle perspective, more
    like the NASA shots. Oh by the way, keep in mind that the cameras from 1969
    weren’t as good as they are now and there are likely filters on the new
    ones. Anyway…..there rocks guys, haven’t you ever seen rocks? I can take
    a handful of volcanic rocks and various other interesting stones, throw
    them out in the sand with an intense light and no perspective and you may
    think you see creatures and structures. Not to mention, the rocks you’re
    looking at are rather small, certainly not «structures» unless you think
    the moon is/was populated by mini men.

  12. Space agencies spend weeks analyzing surface photos with a team of
    scientists who specialize in planetary geology.

    You spend a few minutes combing through them looking for anything that
    appears remotely geometrical or anomalous. Thanks for opening my eyes.

  13. A normal moon rock? How would anyone know what a normal moon rock looks
    like? With all the technology available today these are the best images we
    can come up with? …

  14. As on earth The landscape is Not always The same, on The Moon is The same
    thing. Think At An astrounaut coming from Alpha Centaury, The soli Will be
    different if He landing on Sahara desert or in Amazzonia Forest. That’s The
    Way of difference beetween soil recorded on American And Chinese missions.
    And Donat forget The forward jump of technology in The Last 40 years… 

  15. I really do want to believe there are structures and or anomalous debris on
    the moon, but I honestly cant see anything other than rocks and dirt in
    what you have showed here, sorry dude, just not convinced.

  16. I would like to point out that there is a huge difference in camera
    technology then (19-some-time-ago) and now (2014(almost 2015)). Also, these
    «Anomalous Structures» are probably debris from all the space junk that has
    hit the moon in the coarse of a billion years. When you highlight these
    Anomalous Structures in your video, you quickly identify stuff that is
    hardly identifiable because of how terrible the picture quality of the
    structure is. How many times has crazy people like you identified something
    on another planet (Face on Mars?, Pyramids on Mars?) utilizing absolutely
    terrible camera footage only to be completely debunked when the next
    exploratory mission snaps better pictures and proves that the «Anomalous
    Structure» was really just a mound of rocks?

    Please stop antagonizing crazy people with this stuff unless you have
    something really irrefutable.

  17. First and foremost with all this technology, we couldn’t attach a camera to
    show proof of landing on moon, uninterrupted footage? We simply see a
    camera on another vehicle showing rover being deployed. Don’t believe it.
    So again proof no one’s been to the moon let alone filmed it. False flag 

  18. I need better evidence. Why is there is no real evidence on youtube. Just
    lights, shadows and little turd particles captured through a glass lens. I
    will never see real alien confirmation.

  19. you blew it when you started babbling like the guy Hoagland that saw glass
    tunnels on the moon….and why no video of the touchdown?..i wanted to see
    dust jets so we could beat Apollo over the head with them

  20. lol, every time I watch one of these videos I have to laugh, there only
    rocks on the ground, that’s all they are, not nothing at all, with a big
    imagination you can see what you want to see, lol.

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