Coast To Coast AM — September 28, 2014 UFO’s & Cover-Ups

Coast To Coast AM - September 28, 2014  UFO's & Cover-Ups

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Coast To Coast AM — September 28, 2014 UFO’s & Cover-Ups: 25 комментариев

  1. Hello to all ~ John Clarke, FREEDOM, TheStarfkr, johnbzombie, gusthebroken,
    jerseydolphin, xemote5, MR FRY, and all others HELLO AND HOPE ALL IS
    WELL…..stay safe be safe NEVER GIVE THAT RIGHT TO BARE UP ~ never

  2. The second guest was terrible he acted like he didn’t want to be on. It’s
    ur job as guest to listen to the callers questions «I forgot all the other
    stuff he said» translation I don’t give a shit.

  3. Just finished the final hour of this show, and had a quick look in the
    comments-section?.. Cannot believe these complete-wackos are still using
    this channel to communicate your shit!!… Why don’t you all swap emails,
    open a facebook page? Or something! And leave your bullshit-theories

  4. No there will not be disclosure because what person will accept that these
    are interdimensional not extraterrestrial? Basically demons. What
    happened to John Wells? I guess George thought he was too good and take
    his job away. There are some boring hosts with yawning talent when George
    Mafioso Noory isn’t on :)

  5. I liked this show. Bruce Maccabee was an incredible wealth of information
    and experience. I like all the rude comments. Is that agism I’m hearing?
    Are people not allowed to age? Should he sound like a person in his mid
    twenties? I found what he shared to be very interesting and entertaining.
    And George Knapp is by far the best host on Coast to Coast!

  6. Hello everyone! Hope everything is ok…..Beautiful past couple days here
    in Boston 80+ degrees. The weather has been crazy this year here. Sounds
    like a good show today. Peace n God bless…..

  7. Ufos and aliens are real. They are flying around in intergalactic space
    ships! Abducting humans from their homes. They are living breathing
    sentient beings. What will it take for the human race to understand?

  8. I have a great admiration for Dr. Bruce Maccabee. I have seen him numerous
    times in UFO documentaries offering his POV for various cases. He is not
    ready to call something extraterrestial until the object in question
    demonstrates abilities beyond any known aerial phenomena.

  9. Stop with the shit talking on the show and guests in my opinion we should
    feel honored to listen to these men and especially Bruce !hes old now and
    obviously struggling but hes here still sharing his knowledge.

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