Facts about the case below: 11/22/2013 — The photos published in the above video, were provided to us from a source who at this point wishes to remain namele…
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Click here for declassified info and the only confirmed photo of the Black knight with clear audio/narration — TL…
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  1. To everyone coming here and attempting to cherry pick any little detail, in
    some vague attempt to debunk the video, or even less, simply calling it a
    «fake», without any evidence or knowledge of the case in point, I suggest
    you rethink the reasons you even watch such videos. This is a video sharing
    site, and unfortunately, we cannot send out packets to each individual
    viewer, complete with full documented evidence for you to analyse. This is
    not the way things work, nor have they ever in terms of these types of
    cases. For now, all we have is our source, which we have personally spoken
    to and regard to be an extremely genuine and courageous person, and the
    photographs that she provided us, to which her husband corroborated having
    been the one who got the frantic call from his wife and drove out to the
    middle of nowhere to pick her up and rush her to the ER. I suggest that any
    of you wishing to post nonsense like «fake» or «anyone could post pics of a
    trailer and call it a UFO»… please save your breath. You have no cause
    nor evidence to back up your blind attacks and accusations against us. To
    those with an open mind who understand the way in which information is
    gathered on cases like this, please stay tuned and we appreciate your

  2. I have a story that happens to me fo me no years ago at that time I was in
    Switzerland I was about 19 years jung ok I make short I was shopping at the
    home of my friend so I sleep I the guestroom an as normal I take my closes
    of not my underware so I go to sleep , then about 03:30 or 04:00 clock
    morning I woke up in the center of a football feel about 3 km up on the
    mountain in my underware , PS: I forgot to say it was in Dezember and in
    Switzerland it is were cold . So first I had werry cold and then I had
    scame so I work fast home and was glad not to see people’s up at 4:00 ther
    are no people’s ok I went home and sleep some hours if I can say sleep , I
    was thinking I told nobody about my story. Now i live in France sins 90 so
    I was some years that I Lived Heer I France and one day I find on my left
    leg a point 4 mm at diameter and blue black like en tattoo that I have some
    of so I now we’re I got some one but never ther ant I don’t now here it
    come from ( implant ? )
    Some years before the first sorry also in Swiss my friend and I have seen
    one night some red ligths just outside the windows like 3 bals réd
    electricity we look at us and say at same time you see that? And we go look
    on for about one ore two min and they just disappeared .
    Now I am 50 and i just look an Reportage about abductions and muttilation
    ect. So that is my story ps: I have been need to death 3 times also but
    that is en other story or perhaps not ??? All I have right is throue sorry.

  3. So where is the missing time then? It still say’s 11:39 after the
    «Supposed» abduction. I bet the process would have felt like a few seconds
    but usually when an abduction occurs their is a time dilation that the
    abductee is unaware of. That cameras time would not still be 11:39 if it
    was a «Real» abduction. 

  4. Why do people always make UFOs aliens and disc shaped? Its an absolutely
    terrible shape for anything atmospheric, and its just stereotypical now of
    UFOs. Every last one is a disc.

  5. Secureteam — I stopped watching your vids many moons ago, because they
    imply fact, where only fiction lay.
    You cleary rely on sensationalising your Titles to attract passersby.
    I guess you make a fair-penny or two from the attached adverts, so viewers
    increase your pocket size, no doubt…?
    Anyway — This Title should read — «SOME PHOTOS OF SOME LIGHTS».

  6. There was this one dream i had, tha most scary probably. And I was walking
    back into my from, and I saw my bed folded up into like a fan shape but
    taller, I don’t remember what happen after that but there was a flash. U
    don’t remember another part but after that, I was doing tha same thing
    again and my room was different and it was like being behind a stage and
    there was me(being) standing there, in my boxers and I(being) had these big
    black eyes and I(being) had almost a mad frown and then I myself in tha
    dream fell down and tried to crawl away but I felt as if I couldn’t move at
    all and I tried to scream but only air would come out.Then Flash, then I
    was with my cousin kasie and we where tuning threw some dinner totally
    empty and all tha chairs where on its table. But at the end if my dream I
    remembered that I walked out my room, out of this big hole out tha side of
    it and I outside was different then it should be. And there was this little
    UFO crashed with a little midget, bold headed guy there, then this tall guy
    randomly walk down tha street stop and looks at little dude like he knows
    him and dose this weird sign like a V and gose down in a sgwigly line and
    the link guy dose the same…then I woke up…And I remember as I got
    older, not that long ago, I used to feel like some one was always in my
    room down tha hall from my old one and I’d feel that some one was around
    here or something but I knew if was aliens, and I’ll I could think k where
    aliens and I got these images of alien faces and then I tried to go to
    sleep but I herd footsteps in my house, I’d check it out but there was
    noting there. And then I try to go back to sleep, but then you I’d here tha
    same thing again and then I’d check it out but notin. And when I was a
    little kid I’d here foot steps on tha roof…

  7. So what confirms this abduction took place? Those pictures have no detail
    in them and they conveniently get more distorted the closer the craft got.
    GPRS on the phone may be of something worth noting mind you. There is
    little evidence that this is legit. You need solid evidence to go around
    confirming shit. I believe in aliens and I believe that they may even visit
    the earth regularly but I want solid proof that aleins exist.

  8. scumbag aliens always dropping you off a million miles away, you’d think
    with so much technology they’d have the brain capacity and manners to put
    you back where they found you lol

  9. Lol. Okay. Here’s the problem I have with stories like this and with
    uploaders like you. The title says ‘CONFIRMED’ as to give the viewer some
    sort of factual foundation before watching. How is this confirmed? The only
    thing you confirmed is that this woman has a story and some more than
    questionable photographs of the «inside of an alien craft». Are you a
    troll? it’s a blurry image of red lights which could have been taken
    anywhere at anytime with a time stamp attached to it. And then you go onto
    add this creepy sci-fi music in to add dramatic value. I’m by no means
    saying her story is not true but you can’t just go on youtube and post
    things like this with the intent of claiming it’s absolutely true. That’s
    no different than the US government saying it’s absolutely false. I’ve
    noticed that’s the theme of your videos. A very no-nonsense type of
    attitude. Learn to post with integrity and an objective attitude, not this
    absolutist no-nonsense silly viewpoint on things. The ufo phenom has more
    than enough of that shit. Cut it out. 

  10. Are there any updates? This case is over 10 years old and the video was
    posted over a year ago. Any updates at all? Can we relay questions to the
    witness, is she willing to step forward now?

  11. My ex-girlfriend’s dad was a powerline worker and he told me he saw a craft
    hovering above a set of hydro lines he was inspecting and he could actually
    see the beings inside the craft he was so close and then he lost 3 hours of
    time and when he came to he was in his driveway. Not sure if it matters,
    but he is also a grandmaster Mason and he’s got an amazingly good memory,
    he remembers everything he sees and hears (so did his daughter my ex).

  12. So long as there were no negative side effects to my personage or whatever
    experiment the aliens were conducting on humanity at large, I would like to
    be taken on board an alien craft and would like to keep my memory. If there
    were no relatively large change in the variables of the experiment due to
    my meddling, then I trust that alien scientists would not mind bringing me
    with them, for a short while at least. It would provide me with some
    existential comfort in the knowledge of the existence of other
    intelligences likely far surpassing our own. As well would it give me some
    personal validation if such a relatively unintelligent being as myself
    could be selected for what I would consider to be a great favor and honor.
    As long as nothing «bad» happens to me, I’m a voluntary subject.

  13. Click here to see the only confirmed real photo of the Black Knight taken
    by Grumman. New video on the Black Knight and the Alien satellite’s 2014 — The
    Black Knight UFO and the Alien satellite’s the real story 2014 HD

  14. When I was 15 years old, I spent the night with a friend that lived way out
    in the country. It was summer and we slept outside. As I lay there looking
    at the stars on that crystal clear night. Everyone else went to sleep, but
    not being that used to such magnificent clarity I continued to watch in
    amazement. Suddenly, I saw this flying object, that looked like it was as
    high as the stars, though I knew it couldn’t be.This flying whatever it
    was, would fly to what looked like a star, turn around and fly back? Would
    that be the moves of a satellite? I thought they were orbital? It was in
    outer space. The light from this object seemed to flash quickly with the
    movement of it’s course? Or in concert with it. I wish I could demonstrate
    it. It seemed to be small?

  15. The object is a thermal blanket, lost by an astronaut on STS-88. They took
    a couple dozen photos of it, and conspiracy nuts use the the same 3 or 4
    every time. The few that do not include the Space Shuttle because a
    reference point for determining size would ruin the hoax. Look it up, and
    stop being fooled.

  16. The truth is, until you yourself experience these craft, speculation is all
    you will have to offer. SO to base your beliefs upon the lack of
    information you have or will accept and to even further enforce your
    ‘beliefs’ as being the truth is the true definition of ignorance. The craft
    {UFO’s} exist. Where they are from is undetermined and cannot be
    determined. There are some reports that offer some information but, these
    beings in many encounters offer false information, so their input is
    inconclusive at best. As far as The Black Night… Who the hell knows? We
    have the ability to know what a planet is comprised of and yet, we haven’t
    taken a look into what exists so close…? And if we did, they aren’t
    telling us. All truths must connect in some way. From Biblical to
    Universal, they must all connect in some way. The Bible and UFO’s connect
    much more than most would understand or even care to. Man has made the
    plight of truth far harder than has ever been needed. War in Heaven… The
    Bible is a collection of ancient texts. So it is important to use the
    terminology of those days. What was the Universe called way back when? It
    was called ‘The Heavens’ or ‘Heaven.’ The Angels mated with human women…
    Physical, not spiritual. Yesterday’s Angel is todays Alien. Some are good,
    some are bad. The interaction of these beings even in our times proves that
    The Universe or Heavens are not as Divine as one would like to believe. At
    least, The Heavens The Bible was referring to. Aliens attempted to take
    over The Universe, Shouldn’t be too hard to believe knowing how man has
    moved upon the planet.
    ~~On Earth as it is in Heaven…Way back when we were all separated by vast
    distances, spoke different languages, had different resources and different
    beliefs and we even looked different. Through time, curiosity and
    technology were ventured outward and found one another……alliances were
    made, both good and bad and war broke out. Now think upon the Universe and
    tell me you think this is not exactly what happened out there. This planet
    has been designed to represent what happened in the universe. We are wanted
    to learn what they learned in that war or decide which we would be like. It
    has been done so we could learn these things without threatening the rest
    of the universe. Same class, just smaller and contained. Much more to say
    if anyone is interested. Peace.

  17. The funny part is the images you guys show as proof is an image of a
    thermal blanket which seperated from space shuttle endevour and was then
    photographed through the window. Not a black knight satellite you dumb

  18. love how everyone is fighting to claim Tesla for themselves, even though he
    didn’t believe in country’s, but rather in humanity as a single nation. by
    trying to claim tesla for yourselves you’re pissing on his legacy. stop it.
    his country of origin doesn’t mean shit, his work does.

  19. And are you seriously going to tell me if this satellite exists that it
    wasn`t captured and placed in the first cargo bay of the first space
    shuttle mission. If it was real, then its long gone.

  20. I love how this guys tries to build up to something, and the pics are
    nothing but the old SkyLab station.

    He just picked the blurriest images to show when skylab was decommissioned
    and sent back into the atmosphere. You can find these same images in a
    series on google, what a twat. He also claims its in polar orbit, when
    clearly the cloud band below it is not over the poles

  21. The Annunaki put it there — 13,000 years ago to monitor the Southern
    Antarctic Ice sheet. They knew the next passing of their planet (Nibiru)
    would dislodge the ice sheet and cause a global tsunami. This was the
    flood of Noah. 

  22. Why don’t we study it? and why dont we send a couple of astronauts on a
    space walk to study the black knight?

    If you cant respond to this comment its because there is something wrong
    with my youtube and people cant respond for some reason. Pleas send a
    personal message if you feel like helping me out. Thanks :)

  23. At the present time, alien life has not tried to communicate with humans.
    If they are trying to get the attention of our governments, they’re failing
    miserably at understanding human bureaucracies. 4PM, any government
    office: «Queue up! Sign and date each one of these forms highlighted in
    yellow! Queue up over there when you’re done, you have until five and you
    can’t take them home! Next!»

    ET needs to contact a group of blabbermouths that have made headlines since
    Tesla’s day: the ham operator. You can’t shut that lot up! And that’s a
    Good thing! Also, many hams have the kind of equipment needed to hear ET.
    Who do you think invented radio telescopes the way we know them?

  24. There’s ‘rocket scientists’ with radio waves or frequency, whatever the
    shit they are pointing upward and spreading out like a fan and regular ass
    people driving cars are being blamed for emissions causing global warming.
    It seems more likely that the waves strong enough to penetrate the ozone
    layer might be dmaging it too. 

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