Curiosity Image Reveals Statue SOL — 744 Mars Anomaly Research, Martian Artifacts , UFO’s, Aliens

Curiosity Image Reveals Statue SOL - 744   Mars Anomaly Research, Martian Artifacts , UFO's, Aliens

Video Rating: 4 / 5

UFO on Mars? - REAL Rover image

see this extended version which eliminates the ‘it’s a rock’ theory: What is that? Enough said. You decide. Ima…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Curiosity Image Reveals Statue SOL — 744 Mars Anomaly Research, Martian Artifacts , UFO’s, Aliens: 15 комментариев

  1. ive watched a few of your videos now and previously thought you were a
    little crazy (no offence!)
    this video is brilliant.

    Downloaded the image and open it in paint .net and click invert colours
    then look at that rock again!!! OMG
    Also that rock to the right of the sprocket thing which you mentioned has
    sunlight on it….looks like it has been inserted into the image to me.
    Go to 7:52 and your close up makes this rock look transparent, as though
    its not really there.

  2. Hi Mark. Nice vid. I’ve noticed that sprocket/star anomoly in a lot of
    Sols. And i would love to know what that bar shaped object is just under
    the main object that you concentrated on

    If you want to make a income gett’n anomalies out there… you need to see
    the link.. and follow link inside.
    If you want a smoking gun… look inside! Just zoom a bit at the NASA link
    provided… inside! Make your debunker’s ashamed of themselves… for some
    of what they say… if they aren’t ashamed…they are either paid
    disinfo… or so ZOMBIE-Fied… by all the NWO psi-opping and general
    dumbing down… that their lost…no soul’s. Vie the way… Absolutly NO
    photo editing needed!

  4. On Mars and everywhere. UFOs are and they exist in the Deep Outer Space
    and in the Close Inner Space around the Sun, around the Earth, and around
    us. No doubts about this matter anymore. Fortunately, I am sure at
    the100%. I can say this without fear of being wrong.
    Thanks, mate, for sharing this stuff. Much appreciated, Wowforreeel.

  5. Looks like a genuine UNnatural occurring object.
    I still wonder if these things are some aspect of humanity in the future
    somehow mastering the feat of time travel and using it to travel through
    time and space. «They» could be «Us». tens of millions or even hundreds of
    millions of years from now, or in the distant past. 

  6. It looks like a formation of rocks and shadows. If you think it’s a flying
    saucer then it can probably fly and then you can place it in the UFO
    category otherwise it’s rocks. I would call it a URO

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