День космических историй №11. «НЛО. Дело особой важности» (03.01.2013)

День космических историй. Выпуск 11. НЛО. Дело особой важности Дата эфира: 03.01.2013 Невероятно, но одному секретному военному подразделению еще в советское…

Top 20+ UFOs Of 2013! Best Footage From Around The World! Incredible Year For UFO Sighting Join Blake and Brent Cousins Founders Of Thirdphaseofmoon As They …

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День космических историй №11. «НЛО. Дело особой важности» (03.01.2013): 50 комментариев

  1. это в нашем понятии они летательные аппараты. у них же своего рода
    пепелац-машина для перемещения в пространстве и во времени…

  2. племя догонов знает больше чем наши современные академики и профессора.
    эти племена утверждают что количество разумных цивилизаций и рас различных
    форм материи и видов превышает четыре миллиарда….

  3. Да это ясно уже =) нужно быть полным идиотом что бы верить что ты один во
    вселенной 😀

  4. сука как ребенок наивный и еще чего то другим болтает))))а вообще его морда
    глупая раздражает)))рентв сейчачас что то вроде ширпотреба)))

  5. Great year Thirdphaseofmoon! Glad i shared it with everyone from
    Thirdphaseofmoon and like you said Blake 2014 may be the hotspot of mother
    sightings! I will be here for everything and i am excited!!!

  6. Never mind these Geico cavemen, they run a show and promote only for
    viewership. Other people who point out videos go through each piece of
    evidence, take the footage to a video expert and try and figure out what is
    real and whats not. For example 2:12 was proven to be an electronic device,
    remote control helicopters have become so popular they make the massive
    looking freighter military helicopters and blimps. They have proven it was
    a remote control blimp. 3:02 on the other hand was no device and no video
    editing. While they couldn’t determine the object they looked at the way
    the water reacted to the impact and concluded that something did in fact
    crash into the water, what? That hasn’t been figured out yet. Don’t watch
    these crocodile hunter type UFO shows, there are more realistic and
    believable people out there who go over UFO videos all the time.

  7. here is the thing that pisses me off….why in the world do aliens only
    appear to the people with low *quality cameras*?????…there is never a
    video where the aliens appear clear…makes you wonder…

  8. I’m a UFO enthusiast and this is a terrible video. Wow. Maybe I could
    better judge if they are UFO’s or not if these annoying pricks would stop
    cutting away from the video every three fucking seconds. Also, that third
    one is not an «orb of light», it’s a human aircraft but it’s cloudy so you
    can only see the light. As far as the second one, why would a UFO choose to
    crash into the shore instead of out into the middle of the ocean? Clearly
    not alien.

  9. Heres a little eye opener, of course its just an opinion. Are the scientist
    of the world working on teleportation, saying its possible? So then would
    not another race way more advanced then humanity also have teleportation?
    And if so why would they fly around in tin cans like we do. Would we be
    flying all around in planes and cars, also tin cans, if we had
    teleportation? Im just saying, something to think about.

  10. What sucks is these guys are getting paid from this. Good money. It is
    really difficult to get a channel off and running, especially without fear
    mongering or lying via fake vids

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