Destination Planet Earth, Delores Cannon, UFO, Ancient Aliens, past life regression

Through regressive hypnosis a lost legend of the history of humankind has been retrieved from the ancient past. A woman relives a liftetime among people who remember the story of their origin….
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Destination Planet Earth, Delores Cannon, UFO, Ancient Aliens, past life regression: 25 комментариев

  1. OH! she is dead, I did not know that, thank god for that, one more silly
    old cow not to worry about! What we need to do is have one of those dog
    training collars put around the neck of all these idiots, and we can throw
    in all the mad mullahs, priests, politicians, corporate types, lawyers and
    any other scumbags you may fancy — and these collars will automatically
    ramp up the shock voltage every time one of these loony tune, lying,
    scamming filth-bags tries to rip off, mislead and screw someone to the
    point were the shocks become lethal….HAY! now you have a prime time TV
    show that is actually entertaining and has a genuine purpose to rid the
    world of mewing cabbages and pointless arseholes! You could stick-em all on
    a island and watch them fuck each other over and even place bets as to who
    will last the longest — BigBrother MK2!! 

  2. i dont understand how people on here are arguing about what is being said —
    the video is disjointed — because, every time vital information is about to
    be said it cuts and goes to something else. reminds me of somebody giving
    you their wonderful recipe but they leave out the vital ingredient that
    ensures your dish doesn’t measure up to theirs. 

  3. Video — Destination Planet Earth, Dolores Cannon, UFO, Ancient Aliens, Past
    Life Regression:
    This is a video from an interview of Dolores Cannon 18 years after creating
    her special hypnosis technique, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. Take the
    time to listen to the video and see how much you can learn about yourself
    and others through a special QHHT session. Contact me for a session.

  4. I would have loved to meet this great lady !! She has ALOT of knowledge
    for what she does. I believe what she says for the most part. One must
    use discernment in everything….although i must say, that religious people
    feel threatened by other belief systems. Fear and Love don’t mix. We are
    far more than these bodies…we are Souls. Souls can take on any form we
    want….and we have. God made everything in the Universe, this i know.

  5. good interview yet when it gets to important information it keeps getting
    cut annoying if your going to post a video please don’t edit the

  6. There is truth in what she is saying but she is misinterpreting it, she
    needs a contactee that has all their memories to sit down and help her put
    all the information in the correct order.
    The waves of new souls are correct, being stuck on this planet due to Karma
    is wrong, to say the veil of forgetfulness in only on earth and no where
    else in this universe is correct, but it’s not a school of learning for
    souls to evolve but to learn to live in peace as they came from warring
    planets hence the veil.
    She talks of a ET crash landing here and not being able to leave has
    nothing to do with karma but the same thing that trap all souls here a
    force field, every time his soul would try and leave it would be stunned by
    billions of volts same for us.
    The first race to alter apes were the Pleiadians, then Lyra and zeta and
    some other races help make the human race basically they put a christ
    consciousness in a ape man to see what would develop, and gorillas came
    from Mars as did the Atlanteans, so there is a good chance all the monkey
    spices were brought here.
    She is correct about the small grays but the tall grays are also workers
    the nurse is most likely controlling them with a chip in their brains. The
    nurse may have been a zeta or a of white both share our souls.

  7. Kim Mathews this is who you are — Ignorance is a state of being uninformed
    (lack of knowledge).[1] The word ignorant is an adjective describing a
    person in the state of being unaware and is often used as an insult to
    describe individuals who deliberately ignore or disregard important
    information or facts. 

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