Disturbing UFO activity! 3 UFOs landing in Forest, July 2014

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Disturbing UFO activity! 3 UFOs landing in Forest, July 2014: 25 комментариев

  1. FAKE rien que de mettre la music sur la video tu perd toute crédibilité de
    plus tu sort ton appareil dans cette direction comme par hasard et le ZOOM
    sa existe non
    bref tres bon montage bravo mec FAKE 

  2. My first guess was Balloons, but then the flashes are not those familiar to
    that of gas heaters, and then they just vanished, disappeared, now that
    spells out capital UFO’s 🙂
    Thanks for sharing :)

  3. They’re coming to take us away Ha Haaa!
    *UFOs spotted in sky over Dordogne*
    *A video posted on YouTube has caused a fair amount of intrigue as it
    appears to show four UFOs hovering in the sky above a forest in the
    Dordogne, southern France. Scientists have so far been unable to explain
    the objects. Can you?*

  4. Disturbing #UFO activity! 3 UFOs landing in Forest, July 2014

    filmed four UFOs over a forest in Dordogne, France. It was during a
    beautiful sunset. I looked between two houses to discover the nice sky,
    when I saw these objects. I had may Canon 700D in hands, hopefully I could
    record quickly! I think these objects were there since a long time. This is
    probably a landing. Indeed, the three objects seem to descend and get
    behind the trees…

    I couldn’t know more about this event, this is a ghost village, only 50
    inhabitants in the area. None of them was outside to witness these UFOs
    with me! I checked on Google map, and the forest in front of me is alone in
    the middle of huge lands. I don’t see how anyone else could have seen them
    too.. 🙁

    Type ➫ Dark round objects
    Scale ➫ House-sized
    Duration ➫ ~30 seconds
    Color(s) ➫ Black
    Light(s) ➫ Yes, two
    Speed ➫ Really slow
    Filmed with ➫ Canon 700D + 50mm F/1.8

    Filmed by WTFflow in Dordogne, France, July 2014.

  5. Anyone ever notice that most UFO or ET sightings are always fuzzy, out of
    focus or shaking like hell? These are always a guaranteed sign of a hoax.
    It is done to obscure the true image intentionally to mislead you. Hell, I
    could have held a camera more stable than that while hopping on one leg..
    Where is your critical thinking skills people..Its just another damn fake,
    what ever it is its not a UFO.

  6. These are also seen on the slopes of Mauna Kea, Big Island of Hawaii. They
    follow the tree line slowly like a putt-putt golf cart then disappear into
    the forest. Much easier to see and watch at night as there are no ambient
    lights, no roads, no headlights or street lights. They are white orbs. Some
    people have seen them along the coastline at close range dropping something
    much smaller ( also orb shaped) into the ocean.

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