Древние пирамиды и мегалиты Китая часть 2 Титаны Гиганты Земли, НЛО, Геоглифы, Скрытое

Секретная база космодром для НЛО в Китае или что скрывает Китай часть I https://xfilecomander.blogspot.ru/2014/12/cosmodrome-spaceport-UFO-C…
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More at: https://wwwSHTFplan.com Commentary: https://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/shock-footage-marine-captures-ufo-destroying-taliban-base-unlike-any-known-…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Древние пирамиды и мегалиты Китая часть 2 Титаны Гиганты Земли, НЛО, Геоглифы, Скрытое: 25 комментариев

  1. At the very least, assuming this isn’t faked, is the Alien ship is watching
    what happens to the ragheads! With the ext. advanced tech they have, they
    know what’s about to happen!
    Just a thought.

  2. Pretty fuckin’ cool. If the US has one of these, then alright. They should
    openly announce it, make tech enthusiasts everywhere jizz. I mean c’mon,
    it’s obvious China’s working on their own, so why not?

  3. I agree with the soldier. That was fucking bad ass.
    The idiots below need to stop coming to these videos, commenting «fake» on
    every single one. It’s annoying. 

  4. Its obviously fake, look at the explosions. One large round hits the ground
    and all the following explosions originate from that central impact point.
    Im not military so I don’t know what that piece of ordinance is called, but
    its big whatever it is and the damage it causes bear no relation to the
    «UFO» which is firing an automatic weapon.
    The more you watch it, the more obvious it becomes. Nice bit of animation

  5. Section 51, the creator of this CGI has already been debunked. Advise
    everyone to unsubscribe to them. There are in it for the money and doing a
    great disservice to seekers of the truth. 

  6. Anonymity of the Internet brings out the lowlife Liars of the World. They
    think they get away with Lying, but they don’t
    Anyone who knows these Liars actually KNOW they are LIARS. A Liar has a
    certain look in their eyes. Very distinctive from «normal» people. The
    Non-Liars. A Liar never has to say a word. We simply see it in their eyes
    that they are Deceptive people and not to trust them. 

  7. Very clever trickery. I have seen this scene a few times recently without
    the «UFO». Exactly the same explosions, exactly the same scenery and
    everything else exactly the same

  8. by special relation you mean the aliens who created humans and used us as
    slaves to mind golf for there dying planet Nibiru or what our scientist
    call planet x. These aliens are known as Annunaki or what or perverted
    religions call «the Nephilim» they control the «perfect little world» or
    governments have set up to rep you from looking to deep into the
    government’s plans. 

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