Earth Explosion, Free Energy, ET’s, UFO’s, WW3, Keshe Foundation

Earth Explosion, Free Energy, ET's, UFO's, WW3, Keshe Foundation

9/24 Update: See the links below for most current info available from their web page. https://www….
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Earth Explosion, Free Energy, ET’s, UFO’s, WW3, Keshe Foundation: 25 комментариев

  1. The same technology is expressed in the SEG that is an perfect solar system
    of magnets, that draw upon the energy of heat, and extract it from these
    rollers, that has been suppressed for many as 60 years. more info in my
    solutions page / solutions please, know, the keshe foundation
    is by an iranian, and the seg is by a friend of the states. be aware, those
    that support seg, will benefit if they do what I share on my site, and I am
    in direct contact with them too. if you like, calme

  2. No matter if you get ever citizen to sign that if its not in thier plans
    they will never go for it until the dollar collapses completely then they
    will run to get this going we all kno that only thing the dollar its
    holding up is because the oil or the petro dollar as some call it

  3. I’m with you. This is a truly interesting time to live in. Hopefully, those
    who use war and death historically, will be stopped, or we will end up in
    the stone age instead of the space age. Peace.

  4. I agree but this law you wish to be pressed won’t ever be for nothing until
    we get each corrupt political member out of power couse until they are
    thier they will always have some kind power nd i say no kind of power to
    them should be allowed

  5. All very interesting, the pieces of the puzzle may be fitting together for
    me now a little bit Ben Fulford has been very quiet this past 2 months, in
    his last vid he said the demons were surrendering etc, then all the talk
    about ET’s disabling nukes and then that drone brought down in Iran. I just
    know that all will be revealed v. soon and and the mini Golden Age is
    almost here, its also a very unstable moment in time right now because
    demons have no fuse. Our spiritual work is vital now

  6. Evidence, no. Only what resonates with me. It is my belief that the
    Galactic Federation has been in contact with all the top governments of the
    world and that there will be evidence of this soon. The people have been
    kept in the dark on this planet and it cannot be this way for much longer.
    You might just be surprised at what is revealed in the next couple months.
    Greg Giles is a trusted channel for the GF and starseed. I myself am a
    starseed. We only want to help this planet. Blessings

  7. I heard him say in a lecture that they used this technology to take down
    our most sophisticated drone without a scratch…I am not a scientist but I
    heard him answer questions from scientists and they appeared convinced…If
    what he says is true and we do something crazy to stop the spread of the
    technology I would imagine he could use the technology as a defense…who
    knows…but he sounds convincing

  8. … in times like these we can not nor should not under-estimate just how
    sick they can be. I have visions of a nuclear war beginning, and The
    ancient alien order that created the genetic manipulations to our d.n.a.
    will return for their project, and they will use our desires of war as a
    way to gain trust. KNOW yourself, KNOW God/Love/Life. I had these visions
    20 years ago, and so far everything I saw coming has happened or is about
    to. Get ready for the wake up call!

  9. All war is about money. I’ve spent quite a bit of time researching the
    Keshe Foundation. I have not made a «job» out of it and I rely on my subs
    to help keep me informed. It is MY BELIEF that the US sees this technology
    release by Keshe(and Iran) to be an act of war is b/c if this info is free
    to be studied and expanded upon by ANYONE it would eliminate their monopoly
    on energy and the HUGE money empire that it’s built upon it.There is much
    that is censored on YT regarding this (my speculation).

  10. I agree 100% we need to stop waiting and START DOING!! Tell your neighbors,
    your friends, and anyone you meet. Make flirs, put signs in front of
    buisnesses, PROTEST! Make people aware of what is happening. Make them
    question! Give them the facts! HELP THE CAUSE instead of just sitting there
    and waiting for a FUCKING CHANGE!!(excuse my language)

  11. Why don’t we develope a communication more personal then YouTube messages
    to discuss this problems new plans etc… Some whet as private as much
    possible so in all can kno its confidasionslity can be secure from the
    elites i say lets really make one honestly united is going to be importance
    to us even kno most of us already try to reach this feeling of united
    because we all want world peace as one united all for this couse

  12. you are very annoying. cant you do your own research and make your own mind
    up or are you so stupid that you need to take on other peoples opinions?
    Try not to be such a moron pls.,

  13. They don’t even care ego you vote for couse they already decided who is to
    win like they did with the first bush election in 2000 who we all kno was
    corrupt if the votes since never not all votes were not counted for

  14. This is old technology,you can see it being used in the oceans on sattelite
    and the moon.IT omits a bright bluish light.Im glad they decided to bring
    it out tho.ACTTUALLY,OR he discovered what was already known.God bless him
    if he releases it all to public.Does this mean I can use a coke bottle
    instead of a 6kw generator?Rich people look at poor people and many times
    times would luv 2 trade places for a little while.But inside of them,they
    know $ mens nothing to the soul

  15. The question is, is mr Keshe working with ETs IF SO THAN WE ARE AT RISK OF
    BECOMING SUBJUGATED TO THESE FORCES. TO back engeneer ET tecnology can be
    useful, but when we depend on foreign forces, we will will lose our self
    PRESENT ETs , a MUST READ alliesofhumanity org

  16. I wish what you said wasn’t true… The money paradigm is what every crisis
    has ever been about on every level. What would happen if no one hated each
    other and no one fought? What if people did things for free b/c they wanted
    to instead of b/c they had to to pay taxes, interest and for food? Our
    thinking is so removed from the true nature of peace (pun intended) that
    people can’t even imagine it. Pray for humanity and the Earth. Live in
    love. Peace.

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