Edward Snowden:UFO photos Found in latest release of Top Secret NSA Files

Edward Snowden:UFO photos Found in latest release of Top Secret NSA Files

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Edward Snowden:UFO photos Found in latest release of Top Secret NSA Files: 25 комментариев

  1. Snowden is a 4-eyed scumbag. You dont steal top secret shit, and then go
    run and hide to another country thats out to destroy us. He is not a hero
    for the «Truthers». he is a weasel, and a scum bag piece of shit to do
    that. A hero would have stood tall and took whatever came his way. HE would
    have been a hero if he went on a new station or Letterman and spilled the
    beans. But NOOOOOOO he had to do it the bitch way, the weasel way, The
    (NEW) American way….

  2. Right and they turned wives against their husbands; children against their
    parents, brothers against brothers, religion against religion and race
    against race. Its obvious, the planet isn’t enough for them. Otherwise we
    would be gone already. They need us. No matter who is left after the
    plagues, remember, You Are The Resistance.

  3. Cut the introductions and that pathetic female voice, and you only have
    three second of info, which is not even factual or new UFO evidence.
    There is no new evidence from this person Snowden, and he is holding onto
    Bull Shit, because he needs a place for his head to lay upon at night !

  4. Let no man deceive you. Isnt that what is said in Matthew? Its not aliens,
    it is fallen angels, demonic entities. I feel sorry for your soul if you
    will believe that lie. At one time I think I did start to believe in aliens
    somewhat until I prayed repeatedly on the issue and I started having dreams
    on being deceived. That was my answer from God, let no man deceive you. So
    before you believe anything pray and ask God to reveal the truth. If you
    are serious about knowing and good will reveal it

  5. Someone put a lot of video editing effort into making this little BS clip.
    Most of those UFO photos are already public domain and have been around a
    long time. The NSA doesn’t deal with UFOs. The suspected black ops
    government program that does deal with them is so embedded and exclusive
    that even presidents and congressmen don’t have access to that material.
    It certainly wouldn’t be laying around on a hard drive for some NSA
    employee to have access to. Nice try though, I like the computer generated
    voiced intended to sound like a news reporter. The technology is still not
    there on that yet, you can tell it’s not a real person.

  6. Snowden has nothing to do with this and if you people don’t quit posting
    this crap in his name I’m going to personally sue you for libel and I will
    find you trust me

  7. I didn’t know what was happening in America and the world till I started to
    watch RT (Russian Television) news. Of course ther’yr going to be bias. But
    so many of lies like 9/11 we would never see the truth if it wasn’t for the
    exhaustive researchers here in America and RT news.

  8. If there is a ‘ufo’ picture or video transmitted on the internet, the NSA
    has it stored in their servers. The NSA has all kinds of worthless data as
    well as copyrited material taken without permission of the author. File
    Share sites are minor player compared to the NSA.

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