Edward Snowden:UFOs Come From Ultra-Terrestrial Civilization in Earth Mantle

Edward Snowden revealed evidence of UFOs. In the Earth’s mantle civilization lives compared to where we are like ants. Read more: https://www.cosmostv.org/201…
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Edward Snowden:UFOs Come From Ultra-Terrestrial Civilization in Earth Mantle: 25 комментариев

  1. This isn’t as farfetched as it sounds, the Quran speaks of the ‘watchers’
    that live in a subterranean world and I think we have all witnessed the
    UFO’s flying straight into the top of Volcanos? Apparently it is quite a
    common story on South American TV News reports!

    So come on peeps, what do we think? :)

  2. Snowden is a paid stooge for George Soros. Soros is using Snowden to
    intimidate his enemies by telling them that Snowden has dirt on them and
    will tell if they don’t do what Soros says. A pathetic, petty little game
    by Soros the Jew, who sold out Jews in WWII. That is how he made his money
    in those early days.

  3. Hmmm….where is Edward Snowden? This is more headline abuse to get views
    The information is interesting but the poster has ruined it by hyping the
    story to include Snowden. What is up with The Cosmos News?. Why the
    unnecessary headline hype? .

  4. Dishonest videos like this one should make any viewers angry! When you see
    a fraudulent ‘come on’ like «Edward Snowden revealed evidence of UFOs», you
    can be SURE that
    1) Edward Snoden NEVER said a word about UFOs or anything beyond Earth!
    2) All of the contents of the video, are equally FALSE, until and unless
    proven TRUE!
    3) The producer of this video is shameless and cannot be trusted on any

    Either STOP comitting this type of deception, or get someone who knows
    about the the «rules of evidence» and the proper ways to do and present

    Reporting facts about astronomy is one thing, but, these folks allow
    folklore and subjective interpretations of selective observations, to be
    presented as fact. Or they simply make it up themselves. Either way, they
    don’t make any effort to ensure that their stories are scientifically or
    logically plausible, let alone true!
    The scientific method or even the use of critical thinking and skepticism,
    are simply NOT evident in these productions.
    In general, you must not accept any sensational claims, until you have
    verified them from independent sources.

  5. I don’t really subscribe to the alien visiting Earth business, but this
    kind of theory has more going for it. Firstly the greys are small and have
    large eyes, commensurate with a low light altered gravity state, they have
    no body hair, ie environment is always warm enough, anyway who is to say
    we ARE the most evolved humanoid species?…that underground nuclear
    testing would have alerted them to whole nuclear story up above and they
    would interfere to prevent a nuclear holocaust, myths and stories about »
    demons from hell» would also make more sense, and the technology described
    regarding their craft would indicate they don’t travel very far, certainly
    not interstellar. There are plenty animal species on Earth we are still
    discovering, so why not a more advanced hominid species that has technology
    way ahead of ours and who can keep themselves easily disguised while
    keeping a watchful eye on what homo sapiens are up to?….There must be a
    book or movie story in this somewhere!… » They came from inner

  6. Edward Snowden and ufo’s ?? *looool*

    Seriously, if you really did want to make people believe in your fake
    video.. why then bring Edwards name into it? It just tells everyone with a
    bit of their braincells left that its fake and a big joke..
    The people who really believe edward snowden did leak ufo info really needs
    to read some more and stop watching fake videos
    It would have been all over the news if edward did release leaks about

    Though you also forget that his mission was to reveal the NSA’s spy
    Not about small green men from mars…

    There are people that takes Ufo’s/aliens seriously and really want to
    believe.. I think you shall respect that and stop making fake videos that
    makes a big joke out of the believers.. As people who isnt religious have
    to respect the people who is and stop try to tell them god doesnt exist..
    dont make a joke out of ufo believers or believers in god..
    Its their faith and its their rights and you have to respect that


  7. Why TF do people use this idiotic voice? It’s annoying, and removes
    credibility. This video is ignorant. Whomever the speaker is, the
    commentary within the video is obviously a person who knows nothing about
    Alien/Government interaction.

  8. Why do our Governments want destroy something they can’t understand? That
    is a shame that we can’t live on this planet together as we have for so
    long already! You guy’s that wrote before me, I do believe that others do
    exist, not just humans. There is to much evidence out here. Better start
    studying the facts! Were not alone here.

  9. total bs without logic, without biological links. Addressing this to
    Snowden, whom by the way is not more than a document revealer is cheap
    trick on top of it. 

  10. The focus of this comment is way different than focusing on this non sense
    video connected with snowden,,, therefore,, It is call a Spaceship as it is
    the first stage of the contact, the first kind contact present the hearing
    evidence of their existence, so the pronunciation of the word UFO is
    unnecessary as you know the existence so to mature this aspect, the use of
    the word spaceship and spacecraft instead is more than welcome and vibrate
    more positively with the evidence of the first kind contact. (In reference
    to the pictures) they dislike to be called grey (as per say someone call
    you CAR or MUG or any of other kind of entity name which is resonating
    unpleasantly and inaccurate for you) they are called and have been created
    as E.B.E extraterrestrial Biological Entity and they have unify
    consciousness and the emotion/feeling/sensation is unknown for them, they
    have cloning technology (given in 1960 to this planet in exchange of
    abduction of any kind of being living on this planet which is by the law of
    the universe against the will of the existence of any kind) and none of
    the human beings living on this planet can fly their spaceship as it
    contains a certain frequency linked to their skin, They abduct human beings
    which really unwise and forbidden to do…..love and energy…delete ego..

  11. Anything is possible, that is one explanation. These documents apparently
    were obtained by a publication called FARS out of Iran who also reported
    «Man builds time machine and travels 27 years into the past» lol

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