Ep.118 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Joe Fex Nazi UFO Images LIVE on air

Joe Fex is our guest and he has one of the largest UFO image collections in the world….he shares with us Nazi UFO and flying saucer program pics from the p…

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Ep.118 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Joe Fex Nazi UFO Images LIVE on air: 8 комментариев

  1. I think that Joe Flex is a very credible investigator. He seems to have a
    methodology that genuinely makes real efforts to find out facts — and not
    to indulge in factoids. He doesn’t try to make the facts fit any pet theory
    that he might hold. He doesn’t even seem to have a theory as to what
    specific things ARE that he investigates. The facts in themselves are good
    enough for him. Quite a refreshing attitude. Good guest Jimmy. Thanks.

  2. Com on jimmt, billy meyer? You said it yourself, there are thousands of
    pictures, but no negatives? And there are so much pictures i have a problem
    with. Like the dinosaur pictures, thats from ngc…

  3. Hearing Joe say this blew my mind:
    «UFOs impersonate, mimic and appear… what is in the back of your mind…
    what’s in your unconscious.».
    Yes! Yes! Yes! Joe’s onto something here! There are a variety of
    paranormal phenomena which play on/manipulate peoples’ fears and
    expectations. I don’t automatically accept the ET hypothesis because I
    believe there’s a lot more to it than just space travelers in craft. They
    are/It is a performance. It manifests around powerful energetic fields. It
    interacts with/affects people both on a physiological and a «psychic»
    level. It deeply affects society and culture and beliefs. And, it’s been
    going on forever.

  4. Once satya sai baba was asked about ufo by a couple of students sitting in
    a open ground outside. He said they are not real but at the same time(
    satya sai baba manifested a ufo above) the students saw 1 hovering above
    them right their. Complicated ha 

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