Evidence The Case For NASA UFO s

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Evidence The Case For NASA UFO s: 11 комментариев

  1. Could do without the creepy music every time they fade to another bit XD
    Overall, the evidence presented here seems irrefutable… I’d like to find
    out why the big wigs turn a blind eye to shit that’s right here on fucking
    youtube, even though it’s presented as scientific evidence that was sent
    for peer review but was rejected.

    I could be wrong, was this video ever sent in a formal manner to any highly
    reputable, major name guys? If NASA denies any of the claims in the video
    then why don’t they SHOW us why the guy in this video is wrong, instead of
    just saying «nope»?!

    You would think that this video would be front page news but all I see is
    fucking ~2,900 views XD WTF NASA!

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