Fake UFO Sighting Video 2013 — Shocking Reasons why UFO Sightings are Mostly Fake

Fake UFO Sighting Video 2013 - Shocking Reasons why UFO Sightings are Mostly Fake

This video shows that most UFO sighting videos are either people that fake it or a witness of some natural phenomenon. Many of these fake sightings can be explained rather easily. Also I find…

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Fake UFO Sighting Video 2013 — Shocking Reasons why UFO Sightings are Mostly Fake: 24 комментария

  1. I don’t know how people still believe in alien crap…I can’t remember the
    documentary title where a computer analysed photos of «so called ufo
    sighting» were totally debunked. One of the photos was an actual tea saucer
    on a string….

  2. I have seen 2 aircraft that I do not believe we have the tech to build. 1
    of them I can’t be sure on but I can say the thing made no sound
    what-so-ever and was no more than 100 ft from me just barely above the tree
    line. This was a triangle shape and had no visible lights. It did have a
    sort of faded reflection ripple across the bottom, kinda like light
    reflecting off ripples of water. This could be something man made I suppose
    but unlikely.this was in 2002. Gonzales, Texas while fishing at night.
    Now as for the second craft. I actually saw this craft first back when I
    was a lot younger. There were 5 of us throwing a football around out in a
    field. This was in Mobile Alabama early 80’s. 2 friends, myself and my 2
    older brothers. One of our friends said «hey look» he was pointing at the
    sky. We all looked. There was 2 lights parallel to one another. 1 red and
    the other was blue. Not flashing lights just steady light, and this was in
    the middle of the day. The craft was very far up but below the clouds. It
    shot across the entire visible sky faster then anything I ever seen. About
    3/4 of the way it made a change in direction abruptly and without slowing
    down ever. This craft cleared the entire visible sky in less than 5
    seconds. You could see the lights blurry trail linger at least 1/3 of the
    skies distance behind the craft. Kind of like when you wave a stick with a
    hot ember on it in the dark. We didn’t hear anything and it did not cause a
    boom like you would expect from something moving faster than sound. I
    highly doubt this was a man made craft.
    While I have no proof of either sighting, I know for myself that there is
    definitely something highly irregular about what I have witnessed. I can’t
    speak for other people or other sightings, and I cant say there are aliens
    because I have never seen an alien, at least not to my knowledge. However,
    there is always the possibility that other intelligent life does exist and
    almost definitely life of some kind outside our solar system. To say that
    UFO’s do not exist and to think with a few explanations of mistaken
    identity is enough to discount all the information out there is plain
    ignorant. I am still waiting to see the man made craft that can make 90
    degree angle turns in an instant,at ridiculously unbelievable speeds and
    also do this without breaking the sound barrier. 

  3. Yup. All good stuff, author. Pity the view count is so low. The problem is
    people want to believe too much. Personally, I would love to see those
    aliens landing and going ‘nanu nanu’ to some word leader, but it looks like
    there aren’t any visitors to do such a thing. Check out the Hesdalen Lights
    for a great example of an as-yet-not-understood natural phenomenon which is
    typical of what people rant about as being UFOs from outer space. I wish
    there were some, and it wasn’t all a money game for the proponents of this
    gigantic scam.

  4. And to continue with my point, before I get slammed by haters, I do
    consider certain sightings to be quite valid. Consider the triangles or
    «TR3B’s»! Built and flown right here on planet earth. The question you all
    should be asking is not «aliens?» but «why won’t they release suppressed
    tech for the benefit of all»? Keep asking that question and maybe we will
    eventually do something about it!

  5. This is a very solid example of false sightings. At this point, we must all
    consider human psychology. We all WANT to see ufo’s however all but the
    most logical people are able to consider a true and scientific process of
    elimination. We all see what we want to see. How else do marketing firms
    design ads that subliminally play to our desires? 

  6. i seen a ufo with my own two eyes above my house, metallic saucer with
    orange reflection of the sun because it was evening, and it was flying slow
    tilted to the side will never forget it 

  7. I debunked a few so called UFO’s also. Some are chinese missiles, chinese
    lanterns, secret military drones, ice crystals in space, space debris,
    satelites, reflections, and optical illusions and jets.

    The military showed many years ago it’s attempt to try and make ufo like
    ships. If any ufo’s ever show up, it is just man made. If any other human
    looking species shows up, it’s genetic engineering by us. They already
    mixing genes and dna’s from animals, bugs and humans.

    Most of the reports of weird dead animals, man made experiments. 

  8. this is crap and does not prove there’s nothing out there it proves you’r
    an idiot that looks for ufo’s that can be explained, what about the ufo’s i
    watched for ten min. disappearing and reappearing 500 ft left and right to
    its location then moving up and down diagonally then finally when i thought
    «o.k. if this really is aliens then you can read my thoughts an ifso i want
    you to appear closer» an before i could put a . on that thought 1 was right
    above me, i ran home fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. then he looks possessed ,.. and the bottom he is turned the other way
    waving goodbye the the sphere that is big because it just left him now I
    don’t know if its God or aliens or what all I know whatever it is is
    interested in me for some reason or other idk but I know im flooded with
    knowledge that ive never learned and can do alot of things most cant exp;
    rotate one arm clockwise like ur cranking somingthing continue in that
    motion now at the same time use ur other hand to go counter no stoppin

  10. wher did you get alien invasion ?? illuminati rumuurs lol society crap
    garbage see that’s more then likely the reason you don’t see them I don’t
    think like that I figure if they can get here then they have the power to
    destroy us instantly and they haven’t so why would they now or in the
    future when we learn more why not now while we are week with knowledge
    doesn’t make sense all ur doing is creating hype and giving power to the
    elite for believing their garbage

  11. so you cant read then? hahahaha somebody else crashed into me! and err at
    least its real not fake like your videos, just for you gag well it was a
    ufo landing in the road, no I spazzed out because of mk ultra, it was the
    was crazy buzzing in my mouth hahaha dickhead

  12. also I didn’t call for them I kept thinking someone was using a projector
    in the sky for around 15min then I thought that question and got my answer
    I believed b4 but like a skeptic does I used past knowledge and logic after
    that sighting logic was null lol an trust me I thought of every excuse of
    what I could have been but the hearing my thoughts thing voids all

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