Far Cry 3 Myth Investigations Myth 6 : Spaceships (U.F.O’s)

NOTE: Sorry for my english, I am not from England or America… Please if you saw something feel free to let me know on the comments! Every comment with bad words will be removed and the…

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Far Cry 3 Myth Investigations Myth 6 : Spaceships (U.F.O’s): 25 комментариев

  1. there is no space ship according to far cy 3 that’s man daughter was
    kidnapped and man was saying a space ship come and taken her away its not a
    space ship its a helicopter of hoyt who send his man to kiddnapped girls
    from village for human trafficking……

  2. You didn’t find anything? Then you weren’t looking hard enough! After
    getting the last package (the one at the waterfall), I looked up and saw a
    light in the sky that moved left and right, then streaked away. Definitely
    NOT a shooting star!

  3. I know what you could’ve done,you could of left then wait 2 days(farcry3
    days)go back and check if the packages are there it will boost it to a 85%
    if they’re gone and if not 45%

  4. Hey guys i have an investigation. at the beginning of farcry 3 you are
    chased down, well if you find a way out of the invisible walls. you can
    make it to a very low res part of the land. so in the real game (after
    being chased) at doctor E. house. you can see an small island far far away.
    back at the low res place you can see the same island far away. so you swim
    your way to the island. and you learn that the island is really just rocks
    stacked on rocks. but behind the wall of rocks is the edge of the world!!!
    But back to the real farcry map you see the island at the docters house
    right. but at the low res place you see the island sooooooo. that means
    that the docters house is at the same place your being chased. cool right,
    another thing is that as i was swimming you could see the sun under you…
    well that was cool 

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