Fast UFO over Paris, France — TV News about Air France Strike — September 2014

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Fast UFO over Paris, France — TV News about Air France Strike — September 2014: 35 комментариев

  1. At first I thought it was a bird out of focus, in wet weather which could
    give it a light reflective effect but upon further review it is too quick
    for a bird and comes out of no-where. It is a puzzler but I still think
    there’s logic behind this, just don’t know what that logic is right now.
    There have been several supernatural and ufo claims over the last few
    months and none are provable evidence of either the supernatural or ufo.

  2. would state its a distant plane { jet ~ not necessarily , but a specific
    type of plane =not passenger kind] to a nearby airstrip field ‘ . the
    sunlight is upon it and that if it was more advanced there would be a very
    different range of light from it even from a distance, and not about
    stealth or cloaked . thanks for posting 

  3. What really amazes me is that something as important such as this, and
    others sometimes as well, where there might be validity to it, there has to
    come some idiot to discredit the work by using such vulgar language
    throughout the narration. It amazes me that someone can be so ignorant as
    to think that anyone who is serious about finding out the truth about this
    subject will actually give credit, or believe, this story/video with such
    obscene language, Obviously, this person is having a hard time learning
    English, but has no difficulty learning and using vulgar and dirty words.
    Such a person should be intelligent enough to know that such things
    discredits everything and classifies this work as hoax, There is no place
    for vulgarity in a video such as this! Think about it, would any serious
    scientist want to be associated with or even know to take this video into
    consideration now, that this person has ruined it with vulgar language? 

  4. AGREED, why would they be speaking in English unless they had this all
    planned , shame so many people feel the need to submit crap for a moment of
    fame in their otherwise boring existence , but I do hold hope for that one
    piece of footage with mass sighting ensemble multi point views maybe during
    a televised sports match of some sort that will BLOW THIS SUBJECT WIDE OPEN
    UK .

  5. best vid I ever seen on thirdphasemoon at first I though they were
    fireworks and a ufo appeared just then but then I realized it cant be
    fireworks don’t normally form pyramids

  6. Fake! from (1:38) you can actually see a some kind of cable to the left of
    the screen and from (2:19) a full view of another cable to the right, and
    the idoit said «it’s moving». Unless they threw the cable of rope to catch
    it!. Any to me it looks like a christmas light to me.

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