FBI VAULT UFO Alien Bodies Disclosure 322 Code

The FBI is making a lot of noise about their UFO declassified photos and documents in the FBI VAULT and stating that it is their most viewed site in the Vaul…
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FBI VAULT UFO Alien Bodies Disclosure 322 Code: 6 комментариев

  1. Good video an all true what I know of the government are bringing more an
    more evidence out for us to see whys that? I think with the increase of
    camera use an over devices its becoming hard to disprove or maybe the
    aliens are getting fed up with us an want to let everyone know its not just
    are planet they seem friendly but wheres good comes bad like alpha an omega
    postive an negative there has to be a balance maybe some of thw aliens dont
    have whata in are best interest scary stuff !

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