First Contact Radio 5/30/14 — UFO News, Gospel of Thomas, Last Chance message, Daily Meditation

First Contact Radio 5/30/14 Show #1156 hosted by Joshua Poet COSMIC WEATHER Astrology SWISS EPHEMERIS for …

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First Contact Radio 5/30/14 — UFO News, Gospel of Thomas, Last Chance message, Daily Meditation: 1 комментарий

  1. Thanks, Josh!
    Update May 30, 2014 2:04PM
    I just met with my female source today and asked for clarification on a few
    things. She said there are souls who are so evil, that they will not make
    it. Most people will. She added that as long as people are working to
    better themselves in at least some way possible… and even if they’re just
    treading water and making no progress, they’ll be fine. It’s those soul
    who are regressing who will not be incarnating again, ever.

    She also stated that there are beings here who came in with more
    responsibilities to humanity than others. If these beings allow things to
    happen that they could have prevented, then this will work against their
    spiritual progression. If the same thing happened to someone who wasn’t as
    far progressed, then that would also be taken into account. Old souls
    should always be making the right decisions in the best interests of
    humanity. There is no way possible, if this is all true, that I could not
    say anything and not give everyone an opportunity to move their spiritual
    progression forward. I love humanity too much and feel like a father who
    has to scold his child, knowing that it will hurt them as much as myself.
    It’s all done in the name of love, not fear <3

    I personally hope the message is wrong but in case it's true, then I have
    an obligation to tell everyone... even at the risk of being called a

    Put yourself in my position. If you knew this information, would you sit
    on it or would you try to help as many people as possible? I've asked
    numerous people who have commented on the article the same thing, and no
    one has answered me. I am always going to be on the side of humanity. It
    wasn't an easy decision to make.

    My interpretation of what she said is that as long as you're at least 51%
    positive, then everything will be fine.

    Please know that I am ALWAYS working in humanity's best interests. I hope
    this isn't true, but if it is, I have an obligation to let people know.


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