Free Movie UFO Sightings [The Machine] Hangar 52 Episode III 2015

UFO Sightings The Machine! Hangar 52 Episode III Subscribe Not To Miss A must see Alien Abduction, Redemption- Action Film. Hangar 52 «We are not alone» An action, adventure thriller that centers.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Визит НЛО | Х-версии. Другие новости | Телеканал ТВ-3 В Пензенской области уфологи выясняют причины визита…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Free Movie UFO Sightings [The Machine] Hangar 52 Episode III 2015: 27 комментариев

  1. People STOP focusing on the acting! Just pay attention to the MESSAGE. Its
    the message that is very important in how WE ALL been played and LIED to
    for 60 plus years and counting and the other 6,000 yrs of half truths &
    half lies.

  2. amazing show love it!! i love the way u guys use the reptilians and the
    different species of aliens. i hope u guy keep using ufo facts like roswell
    landing and the secret alien faking to be humans wow creepy!! u always knew
    a lot of the technology today is alien.

  3. All the trolls are projecting! It’s free entertainment on youtube! This is
    what youtube is all about. These guy’s are not asking for your money! They
    are only asking for your eyes. Do you ignorant jealous people know how much
    is costs to produce a proper film shot in this style? The beauty of this is
    that they when for it with a very low budget via creativity and ambition.
    They probably did not hire union crew and pro sound guys. That type of crew
    and equipment rentals could easily add up on a small budget to hundreds of
    thousands of dollars! Do you expect these guys to be reckless enough to
    bankroll a 100k -1,000,000 film from their own pockets to show us on
    youtube? You unrealistic, unappreciative, envious hater trollers are
    clueless. Enough with the armchair critics with no ambition! Go after your
    own dreams if you feel that bad about yourself when you are watching others
    going for their dreams, and it happens to drum up self-loathing, and a
    constant reminder of your own failures and broken dreams. Have you ever
    seen Lena Durnim’s first short film Pressure? This effort by TPOM is way
    better, IMO. They have much potential & simply need a break, and they are
    working for their «BREAK» and it is a process. My point is you trolls come
    here and project your own failures to the world on popular utube channels
    with pure negativity and hatred, instead of looking at the positive side of
    things and becoming inspired. My guess is many of you are failed youtuber’s
    with a heavy bias, and you jealous people use the controversial ufo agenda
    as your soapbox to vent that jealous feeling you have for these guys having
    success that you’ll never realize, because your to busy watching and hating
    on everyone popular. Many of you come across like that failed graphic
    animator «Artist» wannabe be showbiz guy, who couldn’t get steady work as a
    graphic artist, so he turned to youtube trying to suck off of the success
    and names of popular ufo channels like Thridphaseofmoon, by stealing their
    video clips and mocking them. That worked, if your watching and no what i’m
    writing about that channel went nowhere. Life is not fair! Too bad your not
    getting popular and you have to suck it up that your dreams were never
    fulfilled for lack of talent or whatever the reason. Look at yourself
    before bashing others. Stop hating on others for being talented and driven.
    Now shut up and get lost if you do not like it!

  4. Cmon guys if the truth be said there are some good natural actors and
    actresses in this film and yes there are shall we say presenters trying to
    act but trying maybe a tad to hard but that aside there is a message here
    and to take all the info third phase gets and then make that into a film
    for all of us based on the resources they have to hand at the time,I don’t
    think I could do a better job anyhoo I will as always be giving third phase
    a thumbs up because these guys rock and call me sad if you will I really
    don’t give a damn but I look forward to next weeks instalment viva

  5. Ну уже и засняли бы эсперемент, как женщина из сюжета общается с животными
    и те ее понимают. А так… одни слова…Уж ,покажите это чудное действие!

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