Gable Film anomalous entity

2 minutes and 39 seconds into the Gable film, a strange moving entity is spotted in the field. The camera person exists the vehicle and chases the entity thr…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Anomalous Wave Design - Aqua Film Riot 1/4

Flor Quinto (left) and Mike Dobler (right). Recorded on 23 October 2009 @ Annex Seven.

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Gable Film anomalous entity: 7 комментариев

  1. Testing out a new camera maybe? Idk? Also, there’s no sound in the gable
    film, maybe the person who made the film heard a noise when he was filming
    earlier on and kept the camera ready for when he saw or heard something
    strange. idk, it’s a strange film to say the least …

  2. I caught that before myself. Quite a coincidence isn’t it. Question why
    would you be filming when driving down a plain road, why would you stop and
    film the animal unless something out of ordinary?

  3. @crmfghtr maybe he/she perches the cam because the dog man comes around his
    yard at night remember he lives there we’re just seeing a couple of minutes
    out of their lives…?

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