Game Over: X-Com — UFO Defense

The Playstation version of the game featured a new game over sequence displaying aliens’ rather hostile negotiation practices.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Game Over: X-Com — UFO Defense: 25 комментариев

  1. It’s always confused me just why the UN pulls funding. What are they hoping
    to accomplish, shutting down the only program that could ever hope to save
    them? At least in the new Xcom it doesn’t leave it up to the Council, the
    aliens are controlling them to shut it down…

  2. You’d think with the entire planet and everything inhabiting it at stake,
    that the UN would be just a BIT less stingy with their fucking money. Ya
    know, just a little bit?

  3. I know! And the worst part is that just a little ways in, you’re basically
    supporting yourself by selling random technology to shifty businessmen;
    your expenses are so high that the funding nations are doing little more
    than taking a bit out of your bills. Yet they still magically had the power
    to condemn the human race.

  4. It’s also somewhat ironic that they demand money from you in order to gain
    new supplies, scientists, and aircraft even though the’re already charging
    you for use of their underground base.

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