Где скрываются НЛО? Новые тайны.

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Где скрываются НЛО? Новые тайны.: 26 комментариев

  1. Hello! Enjoy the Videos and Cheers!
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  2. Its very hard to tell these days whether a video is a real occurrence or
    CGI. Due to the fact that we have so many dishonest people on YouTube these
    days using today’s tech. Sadly only eyewitness can convince a person if
    UFOs are real or not. And you cannot convince others what is real. Just
    like faith. I personally have witnessed UFOs. But I will never be able to
    convince others unless they believe due to the fact that they have witness
    them also. It is fascinating to see these videos online because the few of
    us know the reality if their existence. I am appreciative of those who
    share the truth and pity the liars and unbelievers. We are not the only
    living beings in this infinite universe.

  3. UFO to nie dzisiejszy fenomen. UFO jest znane juz od tysecy lat. nasz
    kosmos jest taki ogromny a podobno sa jeszcze inne i dlaczego bysmy musieli
    byc sami w takiej ooggrommmnej przestrzeni? Wszystkie religie wskazuja ze
    ich «bogowie» przybyl iz nieba. Na tabliczkach znalezionych w Niniwe-Irak
    pisze ze bogowie w odleglym czasie zrobili czlowieka przez genmanipulacje i
    tak ze my mamy 90% tych samych genow co malpy a tylko 10%genow kosmitow.

  4. E farei aparecer prodígios em cima, no céu; E sinais em baixo na terra,
    Sangue, fogo e vapor de fumo. Atos 2:19

    E haverá em vários lugares grandes terremotos, e fomes e pestilências;
    haverá também coisas espantosas, e grandes sinais do céu. Lucas 21:11

    Os carros de Deus são vinte milhares, milhares de milhares. O Senhor está
    entre eles, como em Sinai, no lugar santo. Salmos 68:17

  5. Done! The video is real.
    1 no Adding ore clipping.
    2 no dobbel film
    3 the fishermen are realy worried 4 real.
    4 the two fighters has been in the erea at that given time and so had the
    5 this would be 2 xpensive to put together a stupid hoax.
    6: its okey if you dont belive me Couse i do not want to get a quis about
    this. So dont bother trolling act up.
    7: Never said, wrote ore ment anything about the video ore the content of
    this video other than it has not been tempered with in any other way than
    the blurring of their faces and the wessels name.

    Oh and you have a Nice day now you hear 😉

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