GMOD TTT #3 — UFO SPOTTED — Ft. Minx, Markiplier, EatMyDiction, & LDShadowLady

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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GMOD TTT #3 — UFO SPOTTED — Ft. Minx, Markiplier, EatMyDiction, & LDShadowLady: 25 комментариев

  1. 5 little youtubers in a flying saucer flew around the world one day.
    They looked left and right but they didn’t like the sight so one of them
    flew away.

    I was thinking of this the whole video.

  2. Wow guys I wanted to see you work together to fly the saucer, but nooo! You
    guys just kept being traitorous. Why can’t there actually be teamwork to do
    one of the special Easter eggs like the one on the minecraft level with the
    diamond block. :(

  3. horry shet three of my fav groups on youtube are now loosely connected you
    were with inthelittlewood in prop hunt (yogscast) eatmydiction is in this
    vid (nanners gassy etc) and you (you NL josh etc)

  4. I swear I will choke one day and die from the laughter caused by your
    videos! Not sure if that is supposed to be a compliment or a complaint, but
    they both begin with «compl»

  5. Hey guys ! I’m doing playthroughs on my channel, it’d be nice if you could
    check it out and give me some feedback, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks
    for your support.
    Sorry for advertising Ohm :)

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