«Graphic Footage» Dead Alien Cryptoid Captured! Free UFO Documentary 2014!

«Graphic Footage» Dead Alien Cryptoid Captured! UFO Sightings Mexico!! Free Documentary 2014! Dr. J Andy Ilias & Blake Cousins interviewed the largest & most…

Sean David Morton is a born psychic, trained Remote Viewer, intuitive consultant, investigative reporter, and accomplished award winning director, producer a…

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«Graphic Footage» Dead Alien Cryptoid Captured! Free UFO Documentary 2014!: 50 комментариев

  1. Interesting interview — have viewed most of the clips by Mr Maussan. A good
    reminder to folks out there, if you want to know anything about politics
    then you go speak to a politician. If you want to know more about Aliens
    and UFOs or Visitations then speak to ordinary folks that have actually
    seen them. Politicians spin heads as it’s their job and for those visitors
    to travel billions of miles am quite certain that they don’t go looking for
    heads of office nor the headquarters of humans. Keep an eye on the skies

  2. Jaime Maussan ? hahaha, He’s the most bizarre liar I’ve ever watched all
    over the world. I remember He made a program of a bracelet coming from an
    Alien, told the Audiance that his guess will telestransport when wearing
    it, so He never proved that was real, lie the entire Audience, brought
    security clowns to protect the Alien Brazelet. That man is even more
    hoaxest than Blake Cousins, and all the Rare and Fake videos in Youtube

  3. I’ve heard the skinned spider monkey theory one too many times. People, why
    is it so SO SO hard to believe in other life forms….especially et’s or
    aliens. Any being from another dimension or planet, cosmic. We, as human
    beings of planet Earth, aren’t so genius and alone in this universe. It’s
    impossible. Also, there’s been proof of Ufos and Aliens for years and
    years. It’s just stupid and closed minded to not believe what’s in your
    face. Just agree to disagree and leave the spider monkeys out of it. 

  4. Blake the fake taking it to a whole new hype level with a monkey and oil
    wells. Wow, new lows continue to roll in. IMO, Blake you are doing more to
    hurt disclosure than helping it. 

  5. Ive seen 3 et craft in my life, always with multiple witnesses, yeah lots
    of youtube vids are so fake but until you see them close up in real life
    you wont know any better. Just have an open mind folks, any 1 ‘holy’ book
    on the planet does not contain all the answers of the universe.

  6. Hymie has been doing his show for 3 decades and yet has no further proof
    than more grainy pics and videos just as much as what has been submitted
    from all over the world.

  7. Sean david morton is a wasre of fucking space, author? Maybe, if you like
    his brand of hullshit, researcher? Ya right, bullshit, and Prophet?… are
    you kidding me hahahaha pure bullshit, he is nothing but a bum

  8. 19:10 Vietnam Vet afraid of two Asian dudes, and do as they told him? are
    you kidding me?
    If he really was a Vietnam Vet, he would have kicked those two dudes’
    asses, and told them to get the f off my country. obviously not pc, but
    that’s what would have happened. 

  9. Arabs ..put a man on the Moon in the 1800 hundreds?? What does he base that
    on?? I’v heard something similar somewhere before..but now i want some
    proof and facts to back that up 0_0

  10. This lad is full of it. Paranoid as well as ignorant. He didn’t predict the
    Pope who quit. New age nonsense coupled with biblical misinterpretation.
    Wooly? Only a sheep has more.

  11. this entire video is ridiculous. i believe we are being visited, but these
    guys are embarrassingly silly. this is whats wrong with the ufo community.
    charlatans dishing bullshit and talking about how «special» they are. truly

  12. as usual every one of the arrogant simpletons calling this guy a «fraud»
    and a «liar» say so with out backing up their claims with a single shred of

  13. man this guy thinks hes the shiznit. too bad his predictions werent
    accurate. shocker. phd from some spiritual college? pfft. and for being so
    smart youd think hed be able to properly pronounce the shit hes
    referencing. cheetsa neetsa? try again buddy. Laaaaaame

  14. The guy talking at the begining of this is such a liar. He is so full of
    shit how can anyone be dumb enough to believe him. I do believe there are
    aliens, and yes the govt does have secret air craft, but this guy hasnt
    seen shit. Also Bob Lazar was proven to be a fraud, and a phony. 

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