GTA 5 — All 50 Spaceship Parts Location Guide (GTA V)

Guide on where to find all collectible 50 Spaceship Parts locations to unlock a secret vehicle in GTA 5! Thanks for watching! Enjoy the video? Hit the Like button and comment, I read them!…

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GTA 5 — All 50 Spaceship Parts Location Guide (GTA V): 25 комментариев

  1. Dude… your video is stupidly disorganized… You send us back and forth
    across the map to the same general areas more than once. Would it really
    have been that hard to edit the video so that the parts were done in order
    of proximity to each other? If I hadn’t begun with this video, I’d for sure
    have chosen another. Cause your route is ridiculously time consuming.

  2. Illuminati eye. fuck ya’ll bitches who decided to put so much illuminati
    bullshit in this game. the characters talk about it at least 15 times and
    laugh it off. subliminal mssgs to laugh off the thought of their existence
    right here in front you when you play this game yet I’m sure most of you
    laughed at this comment which means you’re completely brainwashed and blind
    as fuck. if you took the time to research them thoroughly you’d shit
    yourself after realizing you’ve been lied to your entire life and coerced
    into believing nothing but a fake reality around you. Wake up ppl 

  3. This helped big time.
    I used the helicopter for basically all of them. Didn’t take that long to
    complete. I did have like 5 or 6 before I started so that helped.

    Here are some tips:
    1: Piece at the Airport near the hangar. Take a heli around back (Don’t
    fly over the airport) and you won’t get any stars.
    2: Using the heli cuts down on time because even calling a cab and skipping
    to your destination won’t put your right where you need to be. (case in
    point the first 1. He let me off on the highway. Had to run around.
    After that I jumped into a heli and flew the rest of them (Except the 1 in
    the subway)…I died getting out of the heli anyways because I parked it on
    weird angle and when I got out and ran away from the heli, the Chopper
    blade hit me and killed me(Wasn’t the first time either)
    3: As far as the 1 on the bridge. I lucked out and actually ended up
    parking the heli under the bridge. I got out of the chopper and walked
    over to it. Problem is I got back in and the heli exploded because the
    blades were touched the supports 🙂 Atleast I got it…

    As far as the buggy is concerned. yes it does make Alien type sounds when
    you honk the horn and glows bright green. But apparently(Haven’t tried it
    yet) but when you take it off jumps you can get some pretty sick air
    because it has less gravity.

    This is getting long now…Thanks for vid and if anyone actually reads this
    all the way through….Thanks and hope you get all the parts like I was
    able to

  4. For anyone just starting this missions. Go see the dude and start the
    mission but then change straight to Trevor. He’s got a Helicopter… if you
    go with Franklin to get Trevor’s helicopter it won’t be there. So change to
    Trevor. If it starts getting beat up i.e.,after the cops shoot the crap out
    of you after getting the airport one (unless you own the hangar, which I
    didn’t), or generally crashing in to stuff. Save after each piece. Simply
    load up last save and hey presto, chopper is back in perfect condition. And
    I didn’t have any issues with the order here… Great video mate. Many

  5. You are such an inbred pls do a rational order for instance first all the
    ones you need a helicopter for or if they are only 10 feet apart collect
    them both!

  6. but when i hold down on the D-pad there is STILL a number 1 on franklin.
    and NOTHING on the map, what am i missing???
    is there anything left for franklin?

  7. After putting the game down a while I went back for the remaining parts.
    I’ve died about 15 times trying to get the part on the bridge by
    parachute. I’ve only landed without rolling off once and I magically
    appeared on the ground :(

  8. Guys if you are annoyed at his organisation just watch the video and place
    point of interest markers on your map so you can get the parts in whatever
    order you want to :)

  9. #46 Was difficult due to me not having a Buzzard at the time and I had to
    parachute in and fell off many times due to the character continuously
    walking after he lands.

    I got confused with #49 for a second there, I had to watch the video to
    find out which floor the Spaceship piece was cause his ‘3rd Floor’ is my
    ‘2nd Floor’.

  10. I need help. Part 32 isn’t showing up for me. I’ve tried switching
    characters, restarting the game, etc. but no matter what, it just doesn’t
    appear. Is this a glitch?

  11. It took me 8 tries to get the bridge until I just stopped trying to land
    and just slide right through it and pick it up, unfortunately I did not
    have the luck for not sliding off and loosing my life.

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