GTA 5 Crazy UFO’s Explained! — Weird UFO’s Spotted In GTA 5 Online! (GTA v)

GTA 5 & GTA Online CRAZY UFO’s Spotted — GTA 5 DLC Or A Case Of Modders? (GTA V) ▻ More «GTA 5» & GTA Online Videos: ▻ Please Leave A …

GTAV Online — ps3 — Jumbo Jet/UFO Landing! Whaaat?! — 5/4/14 If you can follow directions well and are not a douchebag, please join us on our ts3 server and …
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GTA 5 Crazy UFO’s Explained! — Weird UFO’s Spotted In GTA 5 Online! (GTA v): 50 комментариев

  1. hey
    been subscribed for ages now, probably since you started on youtube. could
    you please start doing more watch dogs videos. I know you like gta but the
    videos are old and boring. like heist speculation and shit. like doesn’t
    seem to be coming. so could you do watch dogs aswell for a bit?

  2. I found a hacker. He was rank 8000 ( first he was 5380 and in 10 seconds he
    was 8000), he had 97 million gta dollar and he said he could delete his ban.
    You could jumps too, weird.

  3. You, jobless gamers, and dat saints fan, are fucking annoying as hell, you
    guys may as well be 1 channel, because all THREE of you upload the same
    shit every single day, I feel like there’s no one smart in the GTA
    community, besides TG, but he never uploads.

  4. this is going back to my power rangers wild force knowledge

    their this eagle/forcon standing on the world or crack egg that make me
    intested in it as there are some zords the same in power rangers wild
    force. maybe if we bring the Space Docker down to the bird and use it horns
    it could unlock something

    sorry about my bad spelling

  5. Btw you probably already know but there are 2 Easter eggs in the story
    mode, 1 is an alien in ice and another is complicated but you can find ufos
    after you complete the game

  6. WTF Happend! Daaang Ivan BJ and everyone blew up. Last time i checked your
    guys’s channels you guys BJ had like 25,000 and ivan had like 5,000. That
    was sometime before GTA V came out. 

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