GTA 5 Easter Eggs — BIGFOOT, Frozen Alien and Crashed UFO (Easter Egg Roundup)

GTA 5 Easter Eggs. Discover UFO’s Ghosts, Cheat Codes and more Visit my website for more — Complete Walkthrough available …
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GTA 5 Easter Eggs — BIGFOOT, Frozen Alien and Crashed UFO (Easter Egg Roundup): 25 комментариев

  1. I found a suicide party Easter egg. Youngotta fing the spray painted red
    number on a wall with the arrow and go up to the first house and go into
    the garden at some time.

  2. I have 360 but theres a spot where you can get 12000$ bear that spot of the
    crash but its somewhere out next to the small peninsula at a plane crash
    and at the part where there’s the back of the plane there’s a brief case
    full of money switch characters and go back and it will be there again do
    this as many times as you want 

  3. I found these papers that have something to do with someone getting
    murdered but I have no idea how to look at the paper or what the papers
    for. It was under a billboard next to a rock. I was Trevor so it was
    probably in sandy shores. If u know what it is if like to know. 

  4. I know one more glitch which i found after 100% completion when i was
    hanging around mt.chilliad at 3:00 in the morning on a rainy day i will try
    to make a video on it ,:)

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