GTA 5: Fort Zancudo UFO Gameplay Clip

We check out the UFO above Fort Zancudo in GTA 5. You can only see the UFO’s with 100% completion.

GTA 5 Easter Eggs : Second Flying UFO Discovered : Fort Zancudo Illuminati Easter Egg

First flying Alien UFO Easter Egg here: Sponsored by Dynamic Essentialz. The most advanced controllers money can …
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GTA 5: Fort Zancudo UFO Gameplay Clip: 50 комментариев

  1. This UFO was secretly developed by the Army. I am not sure about this but,
    their slogan might be, «Segregate and Rearrange». But I am entirely sure
    that this was developed by the U.S. Army, they stayed in the air instead of
    putting it in a Hangar. Once again, I saw what it said, «Segregate and
    Rearrange,» that might be their slogan or a random thing they just put in?

  2. I just saw the aliens when at mission since jimmy give a poison to michael
    then he got in at UFO then the aliens throw michael out then michael got
    skyfall,i remeber that mission

  3. It looks like the noises influence in the rotors of the helicopter and in
    trevor. Could this one be alien? I think it looks more alien than the one
    in Sandy Shores. The one in Sandy Shores says FIB while this one is just
    black and has no logo or sign of the military or FIB. Also the FIB ufo
    doesn´t do these noices.

  4. This UFO almost looks like it can be created in real life…….I think
    this IS a real life UFO created by a secret military corporation under the

  5. Believe it or not, its maybe possible that the military are behind all this
    Ufo craft shit. They have technologie that no man has not yet known about
    and dont want to tell us. I tell you, the goverment has Crazy secret shit
    hidden among us. 

  6. This Easter Egg only shows its full potential at 3am, Because down at Area
    69 aka. Fort Zancudo, there is a little bunker beside the hangar where you
    find the Blaser (jet). In that little bunker is an elevator, and on top of
    that elevator there is a floor counter thing and it’s number is on -1,
    meaning there is a sub level to Area 69. That also has a link to the Mount
    Chilliad (all seeing eye) hieroglyph mural on the cable cart wall. At 3am,
    A bright green rotating light appears on top of the bunker, coincidentally
    it’s right above the elevator too. Note that when Trevor went under the UFO
    at night the bottom of the UFO was spinning just like the green light does
    above the bunker. Fortunately the UFO is right above the green light spot
    at 3am so it pieces together now. Also in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas on
    the mission «The Black Project» you break into Area 69 and go to the -1 sub
    level to gain the Jet pack. If you enter the base the stealthy way and take
    the elevator down you go through the exact bunker from Grand Theft Auto
    Five’s. Also on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas’s Area 69 bunker there is a
    spinning green light so both games are linking. There has been no
    confirmation on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas’s UFO but both games abduction
    lights are in the exact same spot, right above the sub level elevator so in
    Grand Theft Auto Five if we ever find a way down that elevator there might
    be the Black Project aka. the Jetpack waiting for us. Please help me figure
    this out guys.

  7. I saw a real UFO while I was at church the lights are red and blue it’s
    creeping me and my BFF out it was kinda going down

  8. it may not be his footage but he said that in the video at least he is
    sharing it and giving the founder the credit for it !!1 awesome vid dude
    thanks helped out a lot dude

  9. There’s 5 UFO’s in total but only 4 have been found so far. Mt Chiliad,
    Fort Zancudo, the Sunken UFO, and the one at Sculpture park. The 5th and
    final one is the one that’s hostile (ie weapons) but Rockstar didn’t say if
    you can operate it.

  10. ▂▂
    ▌ |
    ▌ O Bob has been hung for War Crimes against the world.
    ▌ /▌ Copy and paste to spread the word.
    ▌ /


  11. why ufo is top of the miltery base maybe aliens want to attack the los
    santos and why other ufos has fib brand? but this ufo hasnt sorry for bad

  12. This isn’t fake, it will appear when you have 100% in statistics. It’s hard
    but a lot easier and better than GTA IV. Also, you can get onto this UFO
    somebody else posted a video of it and he was stood on it, it made this
    real alien-tech grinding sound, pretty cool. :)

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