GTA 5 Funny Moments — GTA 5 Online UFO, Cargo Plane, Space Docker & Blimp Glitch! (GTA 5 Gameplay)

GTA 5 glitches online including GTA 5 UFO, Cargo Plane, Space Docker & Blimp in GTA Online! GTA 5 gameplay! 🙂 ▻ Help Me Reach 1000000 Subscribers! Click t…
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GTA 5 Funny Moments — GTA 5 Online UFO, Cargo Plane, Space Docker & Blimp Glitch! (GTA 5 Gameplay): 25 комментариев

  1. Dude please do short videos. Why are you just playing with Hike all of a
    sudden. I know you guys are friends but I would rather it be weekend
    livestreams or something. Your viewers aren’t watching because they don’t
    want to watch 1-2 hours of you guys doing stuff they can do themselves with
    their friends. 

  2. U know how u always used to say dail tips and tricks back 2013 and stopped
    in February 2014 then started again in May and begged us to sub again for
    daily tips and tricks then u started live streaming with your subscribers
    so u could show how good u were and totally ignored the people who tried so
    hard all day just to say hi and that your awseome and u completely ignored
    them u just wanted to be sure that u sub rices so I could pay my bills. SMH
    and I’m icky of u just wanting to show off and get paid so how about u
    change your name to typical dooshbag because that’s all you realy fuck u
    Andrea unsubing

  3. Sorry to say TG, people aren’t liking these and and you’re not really
    sticking to your daily tips tricks, Easter eggs, guides and more. Also
    people don’t like hike.

  4. TG… I thought I’d never say this but, I’m unsubbing. I’ll re-sub when you
    post what you promised you would, daily GTA tips, tricks, guides, Easter
    Eggs and more. I don’t feel like watching 2 hour videos of you playing
    Destiny or playing with douche bags like Hike. I’ll see you when you become
    yourself again 

  5. i’m sorry for saying this TG but i loved your video’s LOVED THEM but since
    you start playing destiny your’e video’s sucked balls i would love to see
    you reach 1 mil subs but if you continue like this you won’t
    i’m being honest and i still watch you but i think i’m saying the truth


  6. It’s So Funny That Rockstar Would Ban A Person Like Me For Playing These
    Lobbies But Wouldn’t Ban A Fake GTA Fan Like TG -.- If A Random Person Like
    Me Or Most Of The People Watching This Uploading A Video Like This We Get
    Our Video Taken Down and Get Copyright Strikes But TG Won’t

  7. Hey tg i love the vids but i was wondering if you can make those like 3-5
    minute vids on destiny like tips and tricks. (Or on Gta) either way i
    really dont have time to watch it so if u think that u can male some of
    each, that would be great. Still great work and devotion to the channel.

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