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GTA 5 Online mods that have blocked garages, god mode, money lobbies, ban wave, UFO’s and more in GTA Online! ▻ Help Me Reach 1000000 Subscribers! Click to…
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  1. Thanks for watching! Hope you learned something from the video and be sure
    to drop a Like & Subscribe if you haven’t already! It’s crazy so stay safe
    out there! Cheers! 🙂 #GTA5 #GTAV #GTAOnline 

  2. I don’t understand why modders have to be such assholes and break the
    game.. Really? Spawning something in people’s garages to prevent them from
    leaving? God mode? Why can’t modders be the fun kind and fly around in the
    sky with a colored police car or something. Not ruin the game for others

  3. They gotta express their ability to cause problems in the game cause
    they’re such meaningless, useless, undesirable, insecure and better off
    nonexistent pricks in the real world.

  4. I’m glad but they need to find away to permanently stop hacking and modding
    start locating theses individuals and charge them with federal charge cuz
    this is bullshit we by the game and we can’t play it 

  5. Typical Gamer I just wanted to say that I love your vids man they are so
    great and everyday when in get on YouTube I love hearing all the updates
    for GTA5 so thanks for always keeping me updated keep up the FANTASTIC

  6. Ok so I was in a lobby and there were pinetree’s everywhere, BABY
    pinetree’s. I switched sessions and then there were cones literally
    everywhere in that area. After that my session crashed and I went back to
    online and i saw a ferriswheel in my garage. Now my game works fine idk.

  7. So to be clear. I bought a game for 60 euro, and what i get is sp and mp in
    invite only because open lobby is too dangerous. Thanks dipwits that need
    to ruin the game for alot of people!

  8. This is probably going to be a lot worse when the game is realised on PC,
    it’s why a lot of game companies don’t like putting multiplayer games on PC
    for how easy they can be hacked. Modding community’s work well with single
    player games such as skyrim, and in some cases support modding in there
    game. I honesty think this is why rock star have waited this long to put
    gta 5 on PC to try and prevent hacking as much as they can and probably
    only did it because of high demand from PC users.

  9. No matter what rock* does these modes, glitches and hacks will never go.
    Every patch they do there will be something/someone who will bring them
    back into GTA online. Rockstar should make two kinds of online sessions one
    full of mods and all that stuff and the other just a normal online session.
    Letting people have a session where they are allowed to mod should stop all
    of the hell going on In the normal session. 

  10. I was playing when this kid just came up to kill me and we started to kill
    each other then he ran off and did the god mode glitch his xbox gt is xba
    legend so yeah oh and if you try to kill and he does the glitch and you go
    in passive he calls you a pussy like really he is the one in a glitch

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