GTA 5 Online — UFO Sightings Explanation! (UFO Mods Online) [GTA V]

GTA 5 UFO’S ONLINE EXPLAINED. Today in GTA 5, I talk about why UFO’s are appearing online in GTA 5. Have you seen any UFO Mods in GTA 5 Online? What do you t…
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GTA 5 Online — UFO Sightings Explanation! (UFO Mods Online) [GTA V]: 25 комментариев

  1. They forced saintsfan to make this video, don’t believe anything he is
    saying. they are trying to cover it up. What actually is happening is that
    the illuminati has succesfully breached earths security system and is now
    in our network. First they will take over gta 5 then the whole internet,
    our cellphones, televisions and then the world…..

  2. Soo I’m just sittin here playing gta V and I was all of a sudden a UFO and
    everyone ran over and was like waaaaaghh ! I was soo confused and couldn’t
    see lmao. Soo someone just modded the lobby correct? 

  3. i mean honestly theres not much to do in gta online anymore. i say just
    leave them in as long as their not killing players or destroying players
    cars. its just something new and interesting 

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